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The Key to Longevity

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the kidneys are considered the Root of Life and when Chinese Medicine refers to an organ, it’s not just the physical organs themselves, but the entire Kidney meridian or energy channel.
Think of your Kidney channel as the mega-bank for your life savings.  In this case, your life savings are your life force or Chi (Qi).

When you’re bornyour parents make a deposit into your energy savings account based on how much energy they have to give.  If your parents are healthy and full of life, you’ll get a bigger deposit than someone whose parents are sickly or lacking in spirit.
You also receive energy from what you eat and drink.  Think of this as your petty cash.  In order to live a long and healthy life, the most important thing you can do is to preserve the energy that you were born with as the petty cash ain't going to pay the rent.
As you live your life, you either make deposits or withdrawals from your energy bank account.  When you’re stressed, pushing yourself and living an unhealthy lifestyle, you are withdrawing from your main energy savings account because there simply isn't enough stored in the petty cash to maintain your current lifestyle.

Herbal teas such as nettle, juniper, ginseng, burdock, comfrey and marshmallow can help building your kidney energy.
Alvita - Organic Nettle Tea Caffeine Free
Celebration Herbals Organic Juniper Berries Tea
Traditional Medicinals Organic Burdock
Marshmallow Leaf and Root Tea 24 Bags

If you look after yourself, eat well, and sleep well, you minimize the size of the withdrawals you make.

When you balance the flow of energy in your Kidney channel, you open yourself up to receive the unlimited energy of the universe. If that’s too much for you to believe, at the very least, you eliminate all those pesky service charges that banks tend to hit you with.

Balancing the Kidney Yin and Yang is also a great help to most sexual issues such as impotence and lowered libido.

Some good exercises for sexual issues:
Yoga Pose for Sexual Potency and Digestion
Herbs for Sexual Health

Try some Tantric yoga

Good resources for Tantric Yoga:
Highest Yoga Tantra
Kundalini Yoga Solar Power All-In-One Workout - DVD

Qigong for Kidneys, Adrenals and Sexual issues:
The Key to Longevity - Kidney Point
Qigong for Strengthening the Kidneys
Touch Toes to Reinforce Kidneys
Yoga Pose for Sexual Potency and Digestion
Herbs for Sexual Health

Try some Tantric yoga

 4 ways you can boost your Kidney Energy

1. The Kidney Reflexology Point

The reflexology point for the Kidney can help:
  • Boost your energy levels
  • Heal energetic imbalances in the kidneys
  • Clear toxins from your body, it’s great for spring detoxing!
Chinese Reflexology is amazingly powerful, but it can’t work miracles in getting someone to eat well or make healthy choices in life.  It can however, direct energy to the kidneys as well as ensure a smooth flow of energy in the Kidney meridian.
Here are some good books on Reflexology

The Kidney point is a rectangular shaped area located on the soles of both of your feet.  The left sole is for your left kidney and the right sole is for the right kidney.

To locate the Kidney point in Chinese Reflexology, you’ll need to imagine a line dividing your foot in half horizontally.  Measure from the tip of your big toe to the base of your heel and note the halfway point on the soul of your left foot.

Next, you’ll imagine a second line dividing your foot in half vertically.  The crossing of these two line creates four quadrants.  On your left foot, the top left quadrant is what you’ll use to locate your Kidney point.
Imagine another horizontal line drawn on the bottom of the ball of your foot.  The Kidney point is located below this line and above the halfway horizontal line.
The point is approximately the width of your thumb.  Place your thumb on the vertical line, with two thirds of the thumb in the top left quadrant and one third in the top right quadrant of your left sole. Congratulations, you've found your Kidney reflexology point.
IMPORTANT: This point is located quite close to the acupuncture point, Kidney 1 Yongquan (English translation: Gushing Spring). Kidney 1 is one of the acupuncture points used to induce labor in a pregnant woman who is past her due date. Thus, do not massage this point if you are pregnant.
Massaging the Kidney Point

As with all the reflexology points in this system of Chinese Reflexology, you can use your fingers, thumbs or knuckles to massage the reflex areas on your feet. For the Kidney point, you can press in with your thumb and massage in small circles. Alternately, you can use your knuckles to rub in an up and down motion.
Because of our modern lifestyles (too much sitting, too much stress, too much junk food, etc.), most people have sensitive Kidney points. The only person I ever encountered that didn't feel a thing no matter how hard I pressed with the reflexology stick was a 20-year old vegan student. Not only was he young and living a stress-free life, he also ran barefoot regularly. Barefoot running on rocky trails is like a reflexology session on the soles of your feet.
For the rest of us, this point is going to hurt like a bitch, so don’t feel bad if this point is sore. And if you don’t feel anything, it’s likely that you’re not pressing with enough concentrated force in the right spot. Fingers, thumbs and knuckles are broad surfaces and it’s hard to get enough leverage to press deeply to find the extra-sensitive spots.
Even if you are just using your fingers, thumbs or knuckles to massage this point, it’s a great way to begin balancing the flow of energy in the Kidneys.

To make the kidney sound, take a deep breathe and purse the lips as though blowing out a candle at a distance.

Breathe out and gentle make the sound "Woooooooooooooo". Phonetically it sounds more like "Wuuuuuuuuuuuuu". 

This will begin to purge the kidneys of excess fire chi, increasing the flow of its energy and the energy of the rest of the internal organs. 

After each exhalation, breathe in deeply and imagine a bright blue energy with gentleness coming into the kidneys, calming and healing them. 

Then begin again with the exhalation while making the "woooooo" sound. You can also increase the effectiveness of any of the sounds by imagining a black smoke coming out from the organ and exiting along with the breath.
This is another way that visualization can amplify the effects of breathing techniques.

CDs and Books on Healing Sounds

3. Dietary Suggestions to Strengthen Kidney Qi
  • Do not eat too much fruit or raw food.
  • Eat warm hearty soups, root vegetables such as turnips, onions and potatoes are good, also dark leafy green vegetables, asparagus, and celery are helpful, whole grains, and a little meat, if appropriate, is also helpful for this time of the year.
  • Use warming condiments, Organic Garlic and Ginger.
  • Herbal teas such as nettle, juniper, ginseng, burdock, comfrey and marshmallow are good examples.
  • Water – The Kidneys are associated with the Water element. Drink ample water at room temperature throughout the day.
  • Kidney Shaped Foods – Black beans and kidney beans are excellent examples of kidney shaped food that nourish and benefit Kidney Qi.
  • Blue and Black Foods – The colors blue and black correspond to the Water element of the Kidneys and are thought to strengthen the Water element. Include some blueberries, blackberries, mulberry and black beans in your diet.
  • Seeds – Flax, Organic Pumpkin Seedssunflower, and black sesame seeds increase Kidney Qi.
  • Nuts – Organic Raw Walnuts and Organic Roasted Chestnuts have been found to be especially effective for increasing Kidney Qi.
  • Asparagus: Here’s a simple food you can eat right away to improve your kidney function (well, if it’s already in your fridge that is).
  • - Helps maintain and assist kidney function
  • - Acts as a diuretic, therefore increases urine production
  • - Soothes the entire urinary system
  • - Helps eliminates excess fluid
  • - Cleanses the bladder and kidneys
  • - Increases cellular action in the kidneys
  • - Helps to break up uric acid in the kidneys

4. Qigong to Strengthen Kidney Qi

You will find a lot of additional information in my post Qigong for Strengthening the Kidneys

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, arms gently relaxed by the side of the body and your head resting softly upon your neck, with the top of the head gently pulled upward as if by a string. (Please see detailed description of the proper standing posture in this post Zhan Zhuang - foundation of Internal Martial Arts
  • Let your breath become long and deep as you easily relax yourself, releasing any tension as you move from your head to the bottom of your feet. 
  • Do not worry about yesterday, tomorrow, or what you have to do later, and release any worry, tension or problems that you may have. Let them float away and dissipate before your minds eye. 
  • Continue with your deep breathing and relaxation. Let yourself become so relaxed so that your body disappears as you merge with the environment around you, and become one with the heavenly realms of light and healing high above your head. 
  • Then slowly move your awareness back into your body
  • Raise both of your hands up, extended forward into the area between the solar plexus and heart center. Rub them together very briskly, until you feel heat generated on the palms.
  •  Once you feel heat on your palms, move them around your back and put them on your kidneys, let the warmth soak into the kidneys.

  • While the hands are still over the kidneys, thank them for all they do, for all they have done for you for twenty four hours a day over the course of your life. 
  • Love them, Love them, Love them, Open your heart to them and let this love flow out your palms into your kidneys. Feel that they eagerly soak up this heart Qi, as they whisper a silent thank you. 
  • With the hands still over the kidneys, move your hips in a wide arc (almost like using a hula hoop, for those who remember what that is!) first clockwise, then counter-clockwise, six or nine times in each direction. 
Shaolin Qigong - How To Live A Happier, Healthier And Longer Life
  • Release you hands back to the sides, and if possible do something relaxing for a little while, immerse yourself in the Qi that you have generated, read, meditate, or take a short rest.
Wishing You Amazing Health

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Tips for healthy Digestion:


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