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Weight Lost, Candida, Digestion and Qigong

Middle Burner disorder (Spleen and Stomach) is the key factor in candidiasis. It is difficult to diagnose at the early stages, and many people are completely unaware that they are developing a severe problem. When the disease gains ground, it spreads to the Upper Burner (thrush, cough, etc.), or to the Lower Burner (vaginal infection, etc.), or both. 

I was totally unaware of my Candida problem until it spread and manifested through skin, sinus and digestive disorders.

After doing tons of research I decided on a multi-level approach. Please review 3 steps below plus 2 Qigong exercises /Meditation to regulate and improve Spleen and Stomach Qi.

Another organ you need to pay attention to is Liver. Please review posts below for Liver health.
Qigong for Your Liver
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First, I started the Candida Diet. I eat grain free, sugar free (no sweeteners or any kind and…