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Practice to raise your energy level and your capacity for love and joy

Today I want to share with you a wonderful FREESeasonal Qigong Series by Robert Peng. 

I've been practicing the seasonal meditations now for 6 month and I absolutely love it. 
Robert has a wonderful detailed explanation on his website and he also provides the free videos of his practice.

He offers it for free because according to him "My Qigong Master, Xiao Yao, felt that Seasonal Qigong was an extremely valuable practice, and throughout the years I spent with him, we practiced regularly. So you may be wondering, "Why give away something that is so precious for free?" The answer is simple. Since Seasonal Qigong is time sensitive, it is practiced by many people at the same time. And a basic rule of Qigong is that the greater the number of people aligning their energies simultaneously, the more robust the Qi field becomes."

This month, he is talking about "Major Heat Empowerment".

He says "The time of the seasonal cycle that coincides with Major Heat r…

"King of fruits" works better than cholesterol drugs

Well, summer is on its peak, and we all knows that this is time to relish the great taste of Mangoes. The “king of fruits” has been around for at least 6,000 years.
Ayurveda mentions many benefits of Mangoes in ancient texts. It is sweet in taste, acts as aphrodisiac, gives stamina to body, good for your heart, good in Vata dosha diseases, makes skin glowing and lustrous, improve digestive fire, coolant, and increase the quantity of semen. Research recently presented at a meeting of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB), for instance, revealed that eating mangoes every day can help moderate and even lower blood sugar levels, despite their natural sugar content. This is good news for people with type 2 diabetes who may benefit from consuming mangoes regularly as part of a low-sugar diet.
Similar research out of Australia found back in 2006 that eating mango can also help decrease inflammation and resulting high cholesterol, as well as block the formation of …

Rapid Relaxation Tips

Today I want to share two easy and rapid relaxation tips that work great.

If you're given to tightening up during the day because of stress, lack of sleep, a jerk for a boss, or any of the zillion other reasons most of us rarely relax, then try putting these tips to work.
I learned them, by the way, from a retired college psychology professor. Whoa!
Here's the first tip:
Controlled Breathing

The first rapid relaxation routine involvesbreathing in and out (9) nine times in three series of three breaths.
In the first series of three breaths, inhale  deeply and, as you exhale slowly,  say quietly or think to yourself, "Calm body." Repeat three times.
In the second series of three breaths, inhale deeply and, as you exhale,  say quietly or think to yourself, "Calm mind."
In the final series of three breaths, inhale deeply and, as you exhale, say (and do) "Smile."

And here's the second one:
Five-Finger Exercise
For this rapid relaxation technique, close  your eye…

Breathing exercise to overcome all of your physical shortcomings

Ready to become Vital beyond Vital?  

Then, practice Surya Bhedan for 5 minutes each day for amazing results.

Breathing solely through one nostril can change your energy and mood.

Find a comfortable sitting position with the head, neck and back erect.

Place a piece of cotton (or hold it closed) in your left nostril and start

Surya Bhedan is a form of Right nostril breathing that must be added to your daily regimen if you are to overcome all of your physical shortcomings

Surya means sun, Bheda means breaking through something.

In Ancient Eastern Ayurveda Medicine it is taught that breath entering into the Right nostril is Pingala Nadi, which represents physical energy, and when one breathes "exclusively" through the Right nostril it is called Surya Bhedan.

This is an amazing way to increase the Pranic energy flow in your body 10 fold. 

It revitalizes the body, increases vitality, heals depression, eliminates anxiety and other mental illnesses. It can produce stunning results.


Can’t Poo? Here’s What To Do…

I wanted to share this article, because sometimes we all need a little help. In the second part of this post, I am including few other suggestions, please scroll to the end for more information.

Social Anxiety Constipation: Can’t Poo? Here’s What To Do…
By Holly at Chinese Reflexology

If you suffer from Social Anxiety Constipation, here’s what can help you poo if you're feeling constipated. In other words, here’s how to lighten up (aka release your bowels) when you're sitting on the can.   Social Anxiety Constipation (BTW, it’s not a real medical term, I made it up) is a temporary condition which occurs when you need to poo, but can’t due to one of the following reasons: Someone might hear youYou’re in a rush and you have a limited amount of time to pooThe toilet situation is not idealAll of the above Lest you think this article is purely in jest, let me reassure you that you will learn some Chinese Reflexology points and strategies to help you have a bowel movement when you’re e…

Best Yoga and Ayurveda Routine in Hot Weather

When Summer is here and the heat is intense, for many of us the thought of crawling into the freezer sounds like a great idea.  For Bikram yogis, it may not be a concern, but what about those of us who aren't used to practicing in intense heat and humidity?  When hot weather has you worn out, the thought of yoga practice can be a bit uninspiring.  Working up more of a sweat with Breath of Fire, or intense asanas is the last thing we want to do in hot weather.  But maintaining a consistent yoga practice is important for our health and well being, so what's a yogi to do?  Plenty!

From pranayama to calming postures, doing yoga in the summer is possible.  Try some of these yogic suggestions for keeping your cool in intense heat, and keep your practice alive all summer long. Pranayama

Sitali Pranayama/Sitalee Praanayam is the pranayama practice for summer.  It is said that this pranayam can reduce fevers, and that it cools the 4th, 5th, and 6th vertebrae of the spine.  Yogi Bhajan ta…

Yoga Pose for Sexual Potency and Digestion

Position to Open Sex Chakra

Sexual energy is the most condensed form of physical energy and, if correctly channeled, it can play an important role in one’s personal and spiritual evolution.
For those interested in the refinement and transmutation of sexual energy for higher purposes, the pose today will be of particular interest.

The following exercises will also help to heal and increase sexual energy: How to build up Chi (Qi) to maintain good health
8 Exercises for Fitness, Healing, and Longevity 
Standing Qigong produced superior results What is stronger Qigong or Coffee for an instant “hit”?
The Key to Longevity - The kidneys
Heal With Qigong!
Tantra Yoga Lotus Pose: Builds sexual potencyOpens and balances the Sex ChakraChannels sexual energy up the spine so it can be used by the higher centersExcellent for the digestive systemGood for the back and spineHelps detoxify and cleanse the system