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Tackling the question of how healing works

Today I would like to share this very interesting and thought provoking article by Diane Goldner

What is energy? That question haunted me, back when I was an investigative journalist tackling the question of how healing works. I was constantly asking what subtle energy was. 

So I'd like to share with you an experience that proved to be a turning point. 

During the course of my research, I came across a fascinating article. I no longer remember where I read it. But it was an account by a man who decided to do a little thought experiment

For six weeks he decided to think only the most negative thoughts about his wife. He constantly thought about her in the most negative light. As the days passed, she became increasingly unhinged, until she was sure that he wanted a divorce. 

Then he spent six weeks thinking only the most uplifting and wonderful things about his wife; how wonderful and pretty and sweet she was. And by the end of the six weeks, she practically glowed. Plus, she was amazingly kind and loving towards him. She confessed that for awhile she had though he wanted a divorce, but that now they seemed the happiest they had ever been.

This was so amazing. I decided I had to try my own version

I didn't want to be negative. So I decided to do an experiment thinking only good things about someone, and seeing if I could notice an effect. I picked someone I hardly knew, a cashier in the Korean grocery store where I often shopped. We hardly even acknowledged each other except to say a polite "hello."

In meditation I spent just a few minutes during each session thinking how wonderful this woman was, how kind, sweet, good natured and hard-working. A few weeks went by while I did this. Then I went to the grocery store to pick up a few items. 

When the cashier saw me, she lit up as if I was her long lost sister. She showered me with appreciation. 
And that's when I learned unequivocally that our thoughts are energy. 
Ever since, I have made thinking good thoughts a discipline. 
I could say much more. But the best thing would be for you to try this experiment for yourself. Think only good things about someone for 6 weeks, and see what unfolds

Meditation to Focus Your Mental Energy

1. Set up a sacred space. You can light a candle or create an altar and place fresh flowers on it.
2. Take a meditative posture in which your spine is straight. Gently close your eyes and tune into your breath, as it comes in and goes out. Take time to notice if your chest is open and relaxed. Is your breath flowing easily? Allow yourself to go deeper and deeper.

3. When you are in a deep space, contemplate someone you would like to uplift. Maybe it's someone that you've been worrying about, or thinking negative thoughts about. 

4. See this person bathed in the most radiant white or white-golden light. Now imagine the most positive blessings and intentions for this person's happiness, health and success. 

5.  Set an intention to hold an uplifting vision for this person for the next three weeks so that whenever you think of them, you think something positive and beneficial for them.

6. Notice any shifts in your own heart, and also any shifts in your relationship with this person. 

7. Use this exercise as often as you like with as many people as you like.



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