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Blood Pressure Control with Acupressure, Qigong, Meditations and Healing Sounds

Deficient Kidney Yin and Excess Liver Yang ImbalanceIn the case of a hypertensive patient, the heart is impacted as a result of an imbalance of Deficient Kidney Yin and Excess Liver Yang. The hypertension manifests from excessive stress and over-thinking, which lead to the Deficient Kidney. As a result the patient craves salty foods. The salty diet creates a rennin imbalance in the kidney, which gives rise to the Deficient Kidney. When the body experiences emotional tension, adrenaline is released, heart rate speeds up, blood vessels then narrow and blood pressure increases. With the consumption of a fat-laden diet, the Liver organ is overburdened, a build-up of plaque occurs, blood vessel electricity is reduced, and the patient experiences high blood pressure.

If the Kidney Yin is Deficient, it fails to properly nourish the Liver Yin and thus leads to the hyperactive Liver Yang. In addition to hypertension, the patient also manifests feelings of fullness in the head, daydreaming head…