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Quick Practice for Joy and Self Love

How do we open the space in our hearts and minds for self-love?

Here is a quick practice for calling on compassion for the self and muting the inner meanie:

Singing along with any mantra will bring you into a more positive place, but Kundalini Yoga offers a gorgeous English mantra that really clearly and directly builds self-love: “Beautiful Am I, Bountiful Am I, Blissful Am I.”

The three musical renditions of this mantra that I love best are: "Beautiful Am I" on Aykanna’s Livelight;“Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful” on Harnam Singh’s A Fearless Heart; and “Bountiful, Blissful, Beautiful” on Bachan Kaur’s Angels in the Amrit.

Just play them, sing along, enjoy, and believe.

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Weight Loss Yogi Tea

Said by Yogi Bhajan to dissolve fat tissue, drinking 2-3 glasses of this tea a day also cleanses the colon and brings Vitamin C to the skin.  

Black salt, found in specialty markets and Asian groceries, may even help prevent cancer!

This yogi recipe for weight loss will support your journey to health and fitness, mind, body and spirit! This recipe is excerpted from "Kundalini Yoga" by Shakta Kaur Khalsa.

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Kundalini Yoga for Weight Loss Tea

Easy Healthy Dark Chocolate Truffles

Most of us eat chocolate for our taste bud pleasure, but there are actually many wonderful benefits to eating chocolate. The type of chocolate you are eating is very important. Healthbenefits lie in the cocoa itself, so the higher the cocoa content the better.

Probably the most health-promoting way to include cocoa into your diet is to use 100% cocoa powder. Lacking the sugar content of chocolate it will certainly not be as sweet but it is the way to get the most cocoa content.

In this way those who choose not to eat sugar can enjoy the health benefits. Unsweetened cocoa powder can be drunk as hot chocolate or added to smoothies.

It is generally recommended that chocolate eaten for health benefits should have a minimum cocoa content of 70%. Fine dark chocolate bars will list the cocoa content clearly on the front label.

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