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Coconut Bread with Zucchini (Grain and Sugar free)

Coconut flour is very dense. Recipes using coconut flour often have many eggs in them, which helps the baked good to rise. I use 6 eggs in mine. Eggs from healthy organic chickens are full of protein and healthy fats. Baked goods made with coconut flour will not cause the blood sugar spike like grain-based baked goods.

Coconut flour can be dry.Nobody likes dry bread, but this can be remedied by addingpureed or shredded vegetables to the batterin place of some of the liquid called for, or even half of the fat.  I added Zucchini in this recipe.

Coconut flour tends to clump.  Batter made with coconut flour needs to be mixed very well to get all the lumps out, as the coconut flour tends to want to stick together. This is best achieved by using a whisk if mixing by hand, or by using a food processor. Unlike gluten-containing flour, there is no worry of over mixing coconut flour containing recipes, so mix away!

Coconut flour baked goods are dense and filling!
I really like this moist and fillin…