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Acupressure and Chinese Medicine for Sinusitis

Four points below are great for clearing nasal passage, post-nasal drip and sinus headaches.

1. Yintang

The most common use for Yintang in modern acupuncture clinics is to calm the mind. 

Yintang, whose English translation is Hall of Impression, is its own entity. It’s a single point located between the eyebrows, just below the area known as the third eye (see above).

People suffering from stuffiness, post-nasal drip, sinus congestion and nosebleeds are likely candidates for Yintang. The point also is used for eye disorders as well as frontal headaches, dizziness and vertigo.

To apply acupressure to Yin Tang, bring the first and middle fingers of your two hands together, using the ends of those four fingers, very gently, in a circular motion, massage the area between the inner ends of your two eyebrows. The motion can be either clockwise or counter-clockwise (find out which intuitively feels best to you). Massage 20-30 times. As you apply that circular acupressure/massage, allow all the mu…