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Vegetables that eliminate Candida (includes recipes)

This weekend, I finally got to try Kohlrabi. I sliced it thinly in my salad and I loved it. It tastes like sweet radish. If you looking for new things to try, I would definitely recommend it. It is one of the veggies I added to my Candida diet and I decided to share the rest of Candida killing veggies plus some recipes in this post. Please read my post on What worked for me - Candida, Weight Lost, and Digestion
Here are some other Candida friendly recipes
Coconut Bread with Zucchini (Grain and Sugar free)
Easy Zucchini Paleo Pancakes (Gluten free, Sugar free) Paleo, Grain-free and Sugar Free Raspberries Scones
If you are trying to eliminate Candida overgrowth and get back to good health, I highly recommend adding the following veggies to you diet.

It is very beneficial for treating Candida, Edema and Viral infections. In Chinese Medicine kohlrabi is considered a food that can dry out internal dampness. Dampness can manifest as obesity, dysbiosis (Candida) or a whole host of other hea…