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8 Exercises for Fitness, Healing, and Longevity - Part 2

Today we will concentrate on the second exercise in the Eight Section Brocade Chi Kung set.Pull the Bow is the most complex of the 8 brocades. It is a Qigong course all in itself, with many useful lessons in posture, movement, breath, focus, and Qi flow. There are many bow and arrow exercises found in Qigong. My imagined provenance of this exercise is that ancient folks observed in bowmen a certain quality of vigor and vitality. Bow-pulling exercises arose to recreate such health for others.

Many Chinese healers believe that this exercise helps regulate and improve the kidney meridians. 

Exercise 2 - Drawing the Bow and Letting the Arrow FlyResearch by Michael P. Garofalo Starting Position:Wu Ji (
Movement Name:  Drawing the Bow and Letting the Arrow Fly, Drawing the Bow, Pulling the Bow and Releasing the Arrow, Shooting the Serpent, Pull-Aim-Release   
Lift and step to the left with your left foot. Step out…

8 Exercises for Fitness, Healing, and Longevity - Part 1

The Eight Pieces of Beautiful Silk Brocade Chi Kung (Ba Duan Jin Qigong) is a very popular Chi Kung Form. Chi Kung (Dao-yin, Yang Sheng Gong, Qigong) are Various Ancient Chinese Exercise and Fitness Practices.

Research by Michael P. Garofalo

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 The use of calisthenics, stretching, and breathing exercisesto maintain good health, fight disease, and enhance the quality of life is of great antiquity. This type of physical activity has a long documented history in both India and China.  

     Interesting theories abound about the origin and development of the Eight Section Brocade Chi Kung.  It is likely that ancient dances, medical theory, military drills and exercises, shamanistic rituals, and Buddhist and Taoist practices were all sources for the specific and formal movement routines of Dao-yin or Chi Kung (Qigong).

Literature that talks about such health and fitness exercise…