Monday, August 5, 2013

A million dollar prize for anyone who can prove they have real spiritual powers

There is a scientific group in USA who are offering a million dollar prize for anyone who can prove they have real spiritual powers under test situation.  

Please read my update below the post.

If you know someone who does and would like to take part in the test, please see contact below.

Its called the James Randi Foundation. Created by an ex stage magician. Sadly I have never found anyone who has real powers, I have met people who think they do, self deception is very powerful and real.

Update on 8/7/2013

Unfortunately I found out that "it's a false prize and they won't acknowledge even if you win. No amount of evidence will convince a bigoted, cynical, and hostile dogmatic skeptic." 

Please review information on this website



  1. Someone suggested to read this website on the challenge

  2. and for those that can prove they do not?... sorry rules of mathematical science is find one that disproves the theory and the theory is null. Therefore back to the drawing board. How many drawing boards until "spiritual" can be null? Please ask your psychiatrists, psychologists, physicists, mathematicians, scientific philosophers, religious leaders, government spokespersons, NASA, NSA or next door neighbour. Any of these should be able to give you an estimate for nullifying spirituality.

    If that statement just won me a million, there is a $ shop near where I live, please take the money there and buy a million items of his stock.

  3. DO NOT APPLY FOR THIS CHALLENGE. It is a skeptical/fanatic publicity stunt designed to ridicule and humiliate psychic people for the enjoyment of other fanatical skeptics.

    They are not sincere and there is a long list of people who were unhappy about how they were treated.

    don't do it.