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Paleo Savory Muffins (Grain, Gluten and Sugar free)

Last weekend, I made amazing savory muffins aka chicken muffins. They came out tasting great and they were so quick to whip up.

High in iron and protein, these meaty Paleo muffins are perfect for any low-carb eater looking for tons of sustainable energy. I have one for lunch and I am totally satisfied until dinner.

The muffins go really well with my favorite Gluten Free, Organic, Non-GMO Legume Pasta

People are starting to notice when they go grain-free they feel better. I hope these muffins can help you feel better and enjoy life!

Paleo Meat Muffins recipe (makes 6 Big muffins) Ingredients: 1/2 cups of Organic Coconut Flour2/3 cup Tapioca flour orAlmond Flour½ cupOrganic Raw Coconut Oil 8 organic eggs3/4 cup Shredded Chicken1/2 shredded medium onion½ tspCeltic Sea Salt