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Pumpkins and Herbs for Sexual Health

Bright orange pumpkins really brighten up our world, don’t they?

But pumpkins are not only visually pleasing, they also appeal to our sensual centers.

Studies have found that certain smells can arouse one’s sexual desire. As it turns out, the smell of pumpkin pie is among them, along with black licorice and vanilla. To spice up your love life, I’m going to address some of your questions about low libido, and share with you a few tricks and treats to rekindle the flame of passion.
In Traditional Chinese Medicinesexual health is the function of the yang – fire energy – of the kidney-adrenal system. Yang energy may wane due to unhealthy dietary or lifestyle factors, or become blocked by negative emotions. When this happens, there is a deficiency of the fire that sustains healthy sexual energy.

For women, love – the emotional connection from the heart – is often the first thing that’s needed to reignite the sexual fire. Reconnect with your own emotions, have open and honest communications w…

5 Min Meditation to wash away anxiety, sadness and pain

While the act of meditation is fairly simple — close eyes and focus on your breath — it can be helpful to use guided imagery.

Try the following 5-Minute Quick Forces of Nature Meditation to quiet your mind so that you can begin to see more clearly the best direction forward for your life.
You can do this meditation anywhere, so long as you’re able to put the “back in five minutes” sign on your head. I often meditate in bed at the start of the day, while sitting in my parked car before heading into the office, or in the evening as I relax on the couch or enjoy a hot bath. The only consideration is to choose a location and a point during the day where you can sit still and undisturbed for five minutes … and then begin. Close eyes and focus on your breath.

Take a few slow, deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Mentally set the intention to release all negative noise and mind-inspired banter with each exhalation of your breath. With each breath in, welcome calm, cool t…

Should you should skip Bananas?

The ancient ayurvedic texts say that bananas are clogging because they carry “madhu rasa” and “guru guna” – in other words, a sweet taste and heavy aftereffect. But what does this mean? Anotherway to understand this would be through other fruits, such as the orange or the apple. These fruits also have “madhu rasa” or sweet taste, but in addition they are also characterized by an “amla rasa” or sour taste. 

In Ayurveda, the sour taste is known to support digestion and metabolism more because it carries more “agni” or digestive properties in it. The sweet taste is said to be made up of the water and earth elements, while the sour taste is known to be made up of water and fire elements. So the sweet taste is considered to be heavy, but the sour taste has some inherent fire to it that supports metabolism.
That’s why fruits that carry a little sour taste are not clogging. Clogging? It means they don’t make toxins or “ama” – the first kind of toxins result from semi-digested food, heavy food …

Natural anti-inflammatory drink

Next time you want relief of aches, pains and stiffness, consider trying a natural anti-inflammatory drink using turmeric.

Yogi Bhajan served it to us after 12+ hours of yogaand it truly worked like magic.

Anti-Inflammatory Golden Milk (1 serving; suggest at least doubling it to enjoy the benefits of a few cups)

1/8 tsp Turmeric (you can use raw turmeric root)

1/2 cup water1 cup milk (you can use almond milk)
2 tbsp Almond oil (optional)

1 tbsp of Raw Honey