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Autumn Qigong - Lungs and Heaven connection

Written by Lisa VanOstrand

Inherent in Chinese Medicine is the constant reminder that the human body is a microcosm of heaven and earth. As we begin the fall season and then move into winter, I am reminded of the relationship between the lung and kidney and how that mirrors the water cycle in nature. In the water cycle, the water is evaporated into the air, condensed into clouds, and then precipitated back down to earth as rain. This cycle is an example of the continuous communication between heaven and earth. 

We can assess this same communication between heaven and earth when we practice walking or standing qigong.

To learn about Walking and Standing Qigong, please read below:


Inhale and feel the energy rise up from bubbling spring , K-1, to the highest point of the Lungs, LU-2, cloud gate, and then exhale feel the energy of the Heaven, LU-2 cloud gate, return back to earth, K-1, bubbling spring.

We can add both breath and imagery to help support the natural functions of the Lung which both simultaneously allow us to take in with each inspiration and to let go with each expiration. 
The Lungs are the highest organ in the body; this as well as the connection with the in-breath make the lungs associated with the Heavens. Feeling inspired and connected to Heaven is an important function of the Lungs. The Lungs are associated with sadness and grief

We can understand how those emotions might be associated with the Lungs and it’s paired organ the Large Intestine when we see where in our life we are not able to empty or let go.
To focus the above exercise more on letting go of any sadness and grief, the exhale should be longer than the inhale. Imagining the event or source of grief and with each exhale see the dark clouds of sadness descending from LU-2 and being returned back to earth via K-1. With each exhale, the dark clouds become lighter. Each inhale from K-1 brings up the clear water which evaporates into fresh air to create more space, light and clarity in the Lungs once again.
On the other hand, if you feel depressed or unenthusiastic, focus on a longer inhale and feel your chest rise with each in-breath and your connection to the Heavens. As the breath rises from K-1 and meets LU-2, cloud gate, imagine gentle rain like grace descending and washing through your body as it returns back to K-1. In this version, connect with whatever aspect of Heaven feels most meaningful to you. It may be a deity, a connection that you have felt to your own higher self, or the deep knowingness that you have the support of your ancestral lineage. If you feel unable to connect to any aspect of Heaven, you should do the first version of the exercise focusing on releasing the resignation or depression.

End either practice with a relaxed smile while holding LU-3, heavenly palace, a window to the sky point, for a few minutes, inhaling deeply and feeling your connection to a heavenly palace that is found as a bright, clear light within you.

How to find and massage the Kidney Point

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