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Qigong for Clearing the Lungs, Throat and Sinuses

This technique is a Qigong prescription for a particular set of symptoms. The White Butterfly helps heal problems associated with the Lungs, such as a cold, sinus congestion, asthma, weak breathing etc. If you have active symptoms, perform this prescription several times a day. You will probably begin to notice improvement right away. Many people, for instance, report much clearing of blocked sinuses very quickly. I call it the White Butterfly because your palms have the shape of a butterfly in this prescription, and white is the Five Element color associated with both the Lungs and Large Intestine meridians. 
I am also including Golden Light Meditation for healing at the end of this Post.

The Points and Meridians

You will be using 3 important acupoints on each Hand: Lung 10, Large Intestine 4, and Pericardium 4. Pericardium 4 is usually called the Laogong point. It is in the center of the palm. 

The Posture 

You can do this standing or sitting. It also works very well lying down. In fact, lying down you might be able to hold the posture for longer periods without the arms and shoulders getting tired. Lying down or sitting are also good options if you are feeling sick and don’t want to exert yourself too much.

Put your hands in front of 1 of 3 places: the face, the throat or the chest. You can do all three places in succession, or choose the area most needing attention. The hands will be
crossed in a particular pattern, one in back of the other. Both palms are open with the
fingers spread softly.

If you decide to do it standing up, please read about proper standing position at the end of this post or click on Eight Exercises for Fitness, Healing, and Longevity and search for "Wu Ji" position.

Also please read about standing qigong posture usually called Zhan Zhuang. 

Standing exercises (Zhan Zhuang) can positively affect every cell and every organ in the human body, improve the functioning of respiratory and vascular systems, and also improve metabolism. In other words, they activate the whole human organism.
Start with the left hand closest to the face. The LU-10 point on the thumb pad of the right hand is lined up with the LI-4 point on the back of the left hand (on the second carpal bone). 

Twist your hands in such a way that the center of each palm—the laogong points (PC-4) are free to send Qi to whatever part of the body you are treating: face, throat, or lungs. The thumbs point pretty much straight up and the fingers of each hand are angled upward to each side. Your hand pattern looks like a butterfly. Be sure and keep the front hand open to not block the rear laogong point. 

Do not let the palms touch, keep them an inch or two apart, to build the magnetic field between them.

The Practice

Relax your shoulders, breathe, and hold this posture for a minute or so. Make sure your arms, elbows, wrists and hands feel floaty and open so the Qi can flow through the meridians, tissues and joints of the arms. What will happen is your right Lung Meridian and left Large Intestine Meridian will start to open and regulate and get into a healthier qi flow. This is very supportive for the Lung function. Simultaneously you will be sending healing Qi from the center of our palms right to the area of need.

Switch hands and hold for a minute or so to regulate both pairs of Meridians.
You may rest your arms and shoulders in between switching sides if you want.

If more than one area is congested, place the White Butterfly in those areas also, this is, the, face, throat, and lungs. You can also hold the posture over one lung at a time for a more focused effect

Golden Light Meditation

This very informal yet powerful meditation can be done while drowsing in bed as you are waking up or going to sleep, resting on the couch, or sitting with a straight posture. The premise of the meditation is that heavy energy caused by emotional trauma is lodged in the body, in particular in the energy centers called chakras. These spots of heavy energy become blockages of chi, ultimately manifesting in emotional and spiritual problems, and sometimes physical illness. The purpose of the meditation is to dissolve and dislodge the blockages.

Spiritual healing can have a very profound effect on your life, and this technique is one that will help no matter what your experience with energy work may be, whether you are old or young, sick or healthy. 

Learn how, here:
1. Get comfortable. Take a few deep breaths to get centered. Take a few minutes, or as long as you need, to settle, connect with yourself, and quiet your mind.
2. Visualize the golden light of the sun and ask it to stream into the part of your being that needs healing golden light now.
3. Observe where the light settles in your body, and merge into it, be with it.
4. If the golden light moves elsewhere in your body, follow it where it goes, and be with it there.
5. Continue following and being with the light, for up to an hour.

Starting and Resting Position while Standing: Wu Ji

Stand up straight.

Your feet should be close togethe
r - touching each other. 
This aids in the improvement of balance; however, a stance with the feet 7"-15" apart may be more productive and efficient for many persons.  

The toes should be pointed straight ahead.

Both feet should be flat on the floor. 

The weight should be equal on both feet.
Don't lean to one side or the other.

Relax your body.
Stay balanced and centered.

Clear you mind and set aside the work and worries of the day.

Your face should seem happy, joyful, reflecting an "Inner Smile".
Smile!  Refer to Mantak Chia's comments on the 
"Inner Smile".

Keep your head up and look forward.

Your eyes should be open, with a soft and wide angle focus.

Breathe in and out in a relaxed, easy, and regular manner.

Keep your lips parted slightly.

Your arms should hang down in a relaxed manner at your sides.

The palms of your hands should face your thighs.  

Relax the shoulders and let them hang down.

Some recommend that you keep the tip of your tongue lightly touching the roof of your mouth.
    This posture is often called the "Wu Ji Posture" in Taijiquan.

    Students should note that the Wuji posture is very similar to the Yoga posture of Tadasana -the Mountain Pose.  It is also called the Samasthiti pose in Hatha Yoga.  We should stand like a Mountain: strong, stable, unmoving, grand, still, aloof, above the mundane, powerful, accepting but unbroken by the storms of ideas, emotions and worries.  The arms are held out from the body by 8"-10" in Tadasana.  Reference: Light on Yoga, B.K.S. Iyengar, 1977, p.61-62.

    The very best book on the power of Wuji qigong is by Jan Diepersloot:  Warriors of Stillness: Meditative Traditions in the Chinese Martial Arts.

  Simply standing can have great benefit to body and mind. 


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