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Ayurvedic and Yoga remedies to stop a Common Cold

At the first signs of a sore throat, try the following remedies to shorten or even stop the cold from developing.

  • Gargle with salt water (1 tsp in a cup of warm water) first. An hour later, gargle with a few sips of extra virgin olive oil, and then gargle with some hot water with a pinch of robust cinnamon powder in the third hour, then repeat. (Often in herbalism how often you do something is more important than what you do.)
  • Vaporize conifer essential oils, like pine, in a nebulizer near you, or simply put the essential oils in a bowl of water on a heat source near you. Use therapeutic grade oils, for instance from Floracopeia or VeriditasDo vapor steam essential oil inhalations of the above oils with the hot-water-in-a-bowl-towel-over-your-head trick. Be careful not to over do this one, especially with kids, and use only a single drop of essential oil, and to be sure, you can gargle with the olive oil or with Aloe Vera before and after this technique. My favorite way to do this is to scrunch some Eucalyptus leaves up and put them in the hot water.
  • Rub essential oils like Tulsi and/or lavender and/or tea tree, diluted 1:10 in jojoba or sesame oil, directly onto your throat skin after testing a little to make sure your skin is OK with it.
  • Make Tulsi/Ginger topical chest compresses with essential oils, organic castor oil, hot water bottles and towels. It is best to have a loved one do this to you as it also can feel so great to your heart.

  • Practice Ujjayi Pranayama, bringing luminous/organizing/purifying awareness to your throat

  • Ujjayi is especially known for the soft hissing sound the breather makes by directing her inhales and exhales over the back of her throat. To learn how, try this.
    Inhale through your nose, then exhale slowly through a wide-open mouth. Direct the out-going breath slowly across the back of your throat with a drawn-out HA sound. Repeat several times, then close your mouth. Now, as you both inhale and exhale through your nose, direct the breath again slowly across the back of your throat. Ideally, this will create, and you should hear, a soft hissing sound.

  • Take solid doses of Turmeric (3-5 grams 3x daily), Tulsi (four bags of  Tulsi Lemon Ginger Tea non-stop through the day) and Elderflower Berry (Sambuca -  follow the dosage instructions on the bottle) as these are excellent for maintaining throat health and helping with common cold.
  • Add pinches of robust cinnamon powder to your food and drinks as the oil in the cinnamon is fantastic for throat health.
  • Do not overeat.
  • Alternate Sarvangasana/Halasana (Shoulder stand/plow pose)

    with chest openers like cobra pose in a gentle vinyasa (flow).

  • Eat gel caps of Oregano oil taking care to follow dosage suggestions on the bottle (Gaia Herbs is good)

  • Add copious amounts of Herbs de Provence to your food. Every herb in this recipe/formula is wonderful to protect your true wellness.
  • Eat garlic as raw as you can, also onion. For instance, make warm nourishing Shitake Kale Ghee cream soups and garnish them with minced garlic.Fill half of a wide mouth pint jar with raw minced garlic and Herbs de Provence in equal proportions. Fill with olive oil, shake, and strain. Then gargle with it and use it for sauce/dressing on food. Shake before using.
  • Get quiet and audit your life to see what stress at what level opened you to anything other than a happy throat.
  • Gaze at this Yantra below and bring its presence into your throat (5 minutes every hour).

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