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Healing techniques for onset of a cold or flu

Activating the Thymus Gland

The Thymus Gland is one of the pillars of the Immune System, identified in 1974, and is directly connected to the senses, awareness and language. It's like a telephone exchange, where they spend all calls and make connections both inside and out, generating vital energy for our body.
To activate the Thymus Gland and enhance the functioning of the Immune System, There is a very simple Qigong exercise . This exercise can be performed either sitting in a chair or standing. Whether we realize it sitting on a chair, try to have your back straight but not without tension and repose in the backrest. The soles of both feet must be in contact with the ground, apart at shoulder width. If you choose to do it standing, also put our feet to the width of the shoulders and back straight. The exercise involves lightly beat, well with fingertips or knuckles of the hand, in the area immediately above the sternum Thymus Gland. It is not swatting, but simply to generate a …