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Chinese Exercises and Herbs to ease Depression

According to Chinese medicine, depression is an indication of blocked liver energy. Some prescription drugs such as tranquilizers, sleeping pills, antibiotics, and anti-histamines are known to possibly cause depression because these medications weaken the liver. 

A Chinese herb, Curcuma (Yu-Jin), is helpful for depression because it unblocks liver energy. As a matter of fact,Yu-Jin means “gold for depression” in Chinese. Curcuma is also helpful in stimulating energy circulation and resolving blood clots or bruises. Curcuma works better when it is taken in conjunction with Chinese Bitters to decongest the liver. 
It's always a good idea to consult Chinese Herbalist before taking any pills.

According to Chinese medicine, the liver works hard at night to filter the blood. A substantial amount of blood may be retained in the liver upon waking in the morning if the liver is sluggish. Therefore, morning exercises will help get this blood moving and “activate” the liver. 

Qi Gong routines are beneficial to patients suffering from depression. The slow, gentle, repetitive movements of the Eight Brocade Exercises induce relaxation while encouraging movement and may significantly reduce symptoms. In particular, these exercises may be done as part of a group to encourage social interaction, which many depressed patients shun. 

Below is the first Exercise from the Eight Brocade Exercises. It can be practice on its own or as a set. To learn more about Eight Brocades, follow this link Eight Exercises for Fitness, Healing, and Longevity

How to feel content and happy everyday - Ayurvedic and Yogic guidelines

Qigong Technique for Depression – Lifting the Sky 
courtesy of Sifu Anthony Korahais, Director, Flowing Zen 

- Find a place where you can be undisturbed for 2 minutes.
- Perform Lifting The Sky 10-15 times, focusing on enjoying your breathing.
- Walk around briskly when you’re finished.

Click here to watch the video for free!

Lifting The Sky – Posture 1


  • Your feet are close together.
  • Your mouth is gently open.
  • Your toes are pointing forward.
  • Your hands are relaxed by your sides.
  • Your posture is upright but relaxed.
  • Your chest is soft and open.
  • Your nose is pointing forward. 

Lifting The Sky – Posture 2


  • Your palms face down toward the ground.
  • Your fingers point toward each other.
  • Your fingers have some space between them.
  • Your arms are as straight as comfortably possible.
  • Your neck tilts down, as if looking at the hands.
  • Your body remains upright.
  • Your shoulders remain relaxed.
  • Your jaw is still relaxed. 

Lifting The Sky – Posture 3


  • Your arms arc up smoothly to the top.
  • Your nose follows the movement of the hands.
  • Your head ends tilting back comfortably.
  • At the top, you lift up gently from your heels to your hands.
  • Your arms remain comfortably straight.
  • Breathe in gently through the nose as you arc upward. 

Lifting The Sky – Posture 4


  • Your arms drop smoothly down, like a bird slowly flapping its wings.
  • Your wrists are no longer bent.
  • Breathe out gently through the mouth as your arms are dropping.
  • The neck gradually returns to normal with the nose pointing forward.
  • Finish in Posture 1.
  • Repeat.
The four postures are not static, of course.  There are some slight pauses, but they should flow from one to another.  They big secret is to make the exercise as comfortable as possible.  If it’s not comfortable, if you’re not enjoying yourself, then you’re not doing it correctly.  If you can find a teacher, it would be most beneficial.

Make sure you finish by collecting energy in “Dantian” and massage your stomach - 36 clock wise ans 24 times counter clock wise.

It's very important to bring the energy back to “Dantian” at the end. Please conclude with Shaking the Body exercise.

Meditation, especially if practiced regularly, should help a lot with symptoms of depression.

I would highly recommend this book and meditation CD

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Please research a new type of treatment called TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation), which was recently FDA approved for depression with few side effects.

Next, let's discuss the diet. The foods you eat are determining factors for your mood and irritability level. The Bulletproof® Diet is high in the fats that boost your mood, low in fats that make you feel crappy, and has a just the right amount of protein to keep you feeling your best.

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