Friday, April 5, 2013

Unconditional Love Meditation

With Valentines Day around the corner, I would like to share this beautiful Love Meditation.

It may seem very simple, but practiced regularly, you will see amazing changes take place.

Relax and breathe. 

Create a receptive cauldron for transformation, behind your navel. 

Feel its gravitational pull.

Send roots into the sacred earth.

Breathe the earth's gentle green light up your spine, like sap rising up a tree. 

Allow the crown to open like a flower in the morning light.

Send up star above you to transmit the heaven's clear violet light into your crown

Breathe it into your cauldron and couple it with the earth energy.

Open your Third Eye and draw in the golden, sunny light of unconditional love which binds all beings in the human plane.

Smile it down to your heart

Allow the heart to smile back like an inner sun. 

Let the warm rays melt away excessive tension in your body/mind

Open your soul's arms in wonder of life's great mysteries.

Open your heart with the sound Haaah. Receive with gratitude the grace of universal love.

Connect with the life-force of nature in the vast energy field around you. 

Breathe it in through your skin and charge every cell in your body. 

Take your time to absorb the light energies, right into the reservoir of your bones.

Allow the energy to flow freely. 

Cover your hands over your navel and feel your Tan Tien's Elixir Field become warm and vibrant. 

Collect all the energies into the cauldron and condense them into a glowing pearl. Feel your center's connection with the universe.

Rest. Be at peace with the Love that you are. 

Smile and breathe.

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