Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My first visit with Malcolm Smith (Spiritual Healer)

My appointment was scheduled at noon at A.R.E. NYC.  My first impression of Malcolm was that he looked old and frail. I saw his pictures, but I just didn't realize how old he is. He took me into a small room and asked me to sit in a chair. He then asked what brought me to him. He explained that he doesn't heal, but GOD heals thru him. He said that he would touch parts of my body during the session and asked me if I was OK with it. He started by placing his hands on my shoulders and moved on from there to different parts (head, face, stomach and back). It was about half an hour. It was very relaxing. Sometimes his hand would tremble, but I think it was his advanced age and not energy. Overall it was an interesting and relaxing experience if nothing else. He told me that most people see improvements within 3 days. It’s been over a week and I didn't notice any changes. He also told me that results from the first session are temporary and go away. He explained that after the second session results stay, but you need 4 sessions to get to 100 percent improvement. I wish I could hear from real people who showed improvements after his sessions. I didn't notice anything. If you had sessions with Malcolm or know someone who did, please share your experience.

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