Monday, April 29, 2013

Grounding should be practiced at least three times a week.

Grounding is a simple exercise which should be practiced at least three times a week.

- Sit down or stand up, whatever is comfortable for you.

- Close your eyes or leave them open, and begin your breathing cycles. 

- Once you obtain a good rhythm, imagine roots leaving your feet and sinking deep into the earth. 

- With every inhalation, imagine green (positive) energy coming up the roots from the earth into your dan tien. 

- When you exhale imagine red (negative) energy coming out of your mouth.

Continue with this process until you feel you have gathered enough. 

You will find that with practice your chi control will grow impressively.

Grounding FAQ

I am getting weird vibrations around my body, what is this?

This is simply the energy flowing through your very presence.

I can't get any results, and when I am grounding I don't feel anything?

Always listen to your body. The slightest vibration can mean that chi is flowing. A lot of the times when you first try this you do not experience results. Fear not, through practice you will be able to.


Some side-effects include, pulsing sensations, tingling sensations, heightened awareness and a sudden energy burst.

Grounding can also prevent "burnout".

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