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Easy Exercise to Balance your Emotions and Heal your Internal Organs

Chinese medicine categorizes the major emotions as: anxiety, sorrow, fear, anger, joy, rumination, and empathy. 

Each of these emotions in excess harms an internal organ and disturbs flow of energy (Qi) in a specific way.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the word shen, "kidneys," includes both the kidneys and adrenals and, in some contexts, the reproductive system. The shen are most affected by fear. Fear causes pain and disease in the kidneys, adrenals, and lower back and creates favorable conditions for urinary tract disorders and incontinence.
Qigong for Kidneys, Adrenals and Sexual issues:
The Key to Longevity - Kidney Point
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Yoga Pose for Sexual Potency and Digestion
Herbs for Sexual Health

Try some Tantric yoga

Good resources for Tantric Yoga:
Highest Yoga Tantra

Anxiety and sorrow both damage the lungs. However, this does not mean that we should suppress sorrow. It is not healthy to withhold one's tears in response to an upsetting event. Both prolonged grief and unexpressed grief weaken lung qi.
Good Qigong exercises for your lungs:
The Wise Owl Gazes Backward
Qigong for Clearing the Lungs, Throat and Sinuses

Anger weakens the liver and causes the qi to rise. In fact, the common Chinese word for anger is sheng qi "rising qi." Weakness of liver qi also con-tributes to mood swings, as the liver cannot perform its function of spreading the qi and harmonizing its flow.
Good Qigong exercises for your liver:
Detox and Heal Your Liver with Herbs and Yoga
Heal your liver and release the anger
Spring Qigong for Your Liver

The spleen carries the qi of the earth. Qigong masters say that the spleen needs grounding, time spent in nature. There is a wonderful cure for both of the spleen's emotional pathogens - pensiveness and empathy. "Lose your mind and come to your senses." Spend more time in nature, seeing nature as a positive model of health and balance.
Good Qigong exercises for your spleen:
Separating Heaven and Earth for Spleen and Digestive system
Stomach and Spleen Qigong - Massaging the Abdomen

In summary, each of the major internal organs can be damaged by emotional excess. There are also positive emotions that can help heal the organs. These positive emotions are identical to the five virtues that, according to Confucianism, can make one a "Noble Person." The Chinese word for virtue (de) was originally written with the same character as the word "to plant," suggesting that virtue is a powerthat can be cultivated. Similarly, the English "virtue" comes from the same Latin root as "virile," suggesting a power or potential that creates health.

Following exercises heal the body and improve the flow of Qi:
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Energy (Qi) Cultivation Method to clear blockages
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Standing Qigong produced superior results
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QIGONG WALK to increase Qi (vital energy) quickly

You may wish to either memorize or record the instructions, so you can practice with eyes closed.


Sit in Qigong posture for a few minutes, with the eyes lightly closed. Or you can use standing posture for more benefits (click on Eight Exercises for Fitness, Healing, and Longevity and search for "Wu Ji" position or read about standing qigong posture in Zhan Zhuang - foundation of Internal Martial Arts)

Make sure you are relaxed and breathing naturally

Bring your mind to the lungs. Use your inner senses to feel the lungs in your body. As you inhale, draw in, integrity and dignity into the lungs.

As you exhale, let the breath carry away all worries, anxiety, and grief.  Repeat this several times. 

Inhale integrity, exhale anxiety and grief ...

Now focus on the kidneys. Let the inhalation fill the kidneys with wisdom, with the confidence of inner knowing - Exhale all fears.

Repeat several times.

Locate the liver with your awareness. As you inhale, draw in kindness, filling the liver completely. As you exhale, release and let go of anger. Repeat.

Bring your mind to the heart. Inhale, filling it-all the chambers, valves, the heart muscle-with peace and calm. Exhaling, release excitement, zealousness, excesses of any kind. Inhale peace again.

Now find the spleen. Locate and feet it inside. As you inhale, fill it with trust and acceptance. As you exhale, let go of pensiveness and Let go of excess empathy, so you can be secure and rooted in yourself. Again, inhale trust. Repeat.

Then bring your mind to the center of your being, to the stillness and silence of quiet abdominal breathing. Let all images and thoughts disappear. Stay with the feeling of pure being, "hanging out with yourself" as long as you wish.

You can also use Inner Nourishing Qigong for emotional healing. As we breathe, think of a healing phrase, for instance, "My emotions are balanced and calm." Inhale, gently expanding the lower abdomen, thinking, "My emotions are . .." Exhale, letting the abdomen relax, thinking, "balance" and calm." Repeat for about five minutes.

Additional Meditations for Healing:
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