Thursday, April 4, 2013

If you seek healing, and not finding it

"If you seek healing, and not finding it, then you are actually LOOKING for it, and not knowing that it is already there. 

Try this, close you eyes, and just breath naturally, you know, without thinking about it. Nothing is going to happen to you, just as long as you feel happy. Do you feel it? Because it’s there. A wisp of white in the corner of your eye, they are always there if you're happy. Now close your eyes again, because I am sure you’re opened them. Reach your hand out, and grab at the wisp, and keep your eyes closed, breathe in, and look up, with a refreshed feeling.

If none of this is making sense, then that’s fine, sometimes words don’t. Now clear your head and think about this. You're in the middle of a wide plane with tall grass bordered by a beautiful forest. The sky is blue and there is a warm breeze. Inhale that warm breeze, and exhale your pain. Don't forget that warm breeze, it’s always there. Stay in the forest as long as you wish and enjoy!

I am just sorry I'm not with you, it’s hard to express feelings with letters. May you always find a warm place on a cold night.

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