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Quick Stress Relief at work

I've been practicing the tips below for several weeks and it makes a huge difference...try it and enjoy!

1. Give your eyes a break.
Are your eyes bugging out from staring at the computer screen? While you're waiting for a reply to your email or IM, try this soothing quick fix: Rub your hands together briskly to create heat, then gently press the heels of your hands into your eyes, letting the fingers rest on your forehead. It only takes a few seconds, so try it anytime your hands are free.

This exercise is called palming and combined with deep breathing, palming is supposed to relive stress, soothe the optic nerve, and focus your energy after a long day. Palming can be carried out at any time that you are feeling tension or stress.

2. Tame shoulder tension

Hunching over a desk all day is certain to tighten your shoulders. Here's a simple antidote you can do while waiting by the printer, fax or copy machine: Put your right hand on your left shoulder, pressing the heel of the palm into your clavicle and wrapping the fingers over your shoulder onto your upper back. Knead the muscles with long firm squeezes to release tension in your shoulders. Make sure to leave time to do the other side, too.

3. Loosen tight hamstrings

Sitting makes your hamstrings shorten, so take a minute when nobody is looking to elongate the muscles in the backs of your legs. Stand facing your desk and put one heel on the desk, toes pointing up. With a straight back lengthen over your leg and take three to five deep breaths. Repeat with the other leg.

4. Release your hips
Your hips tense up from sitting all day, but you can cure that without even getting out of your seat: Place your right ankle on your left thigh, just above the knee. Let the right knee fall open to the side. Hold for three to five deep breaths. For a deeper stretch, lean your torso forward without bending your back. Switch sides and repeat the stretch to stay balanced on both sides.

5. Open your shoulders.

To release stress, especially before a meeting, try this shoulder-opening pose: Reach your right arm straight overhead, then bend at the elbow and reach down with the hand, palm facing your back. Reach down with your left arm, bend the elbow, palm facing out, fingertips up.  If your fingertips don't touch, press your hands into your back for resistance. Hold for three deep breaths, then repeat on the other side.

6. Ease the crick in your neck

Instead of typing while you talk, put phone time to good use: Holding the phone in your right hand, (or better yet, use a headset or speakerphone), tilt your left ear toward your left shoulder. Reach up with your left hand, placing your fingertips just above your right ear, and pull down gently to increase the stretch. Breathe (as deeply as you can during your conversation). Then switch the phone to your left ear and repeat.

7. Stretch your wrists

The next time you're stuck in a never-ending meeting, put the time to good use by stretching out your wrists. With your hands in your lap, place your left fingertips on your right palm and gently press your right hand to stretch your left inner wrist open. Repeat on the other side. Then place your right fingertips on the back of your left hand and press your left wrist in to stretch the outer wrist. Repeat on the other side.

8. Be open to great ideas

What better way to brainstorm than with an open attitude? Try a new perspective to get the creative juices flowing. Sitting in your chair, lean into the back, then arch your upper back to open your heart toward the ceiling. Be sure to keep your head in line with your spine, and press your shoulders down and back. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

9. Take a twist break

When you need to reset your mind and body, try this twist: Sit cross-legged in your chair (if you're in a skirt, place both feet on the floor, knees together). Stretch your left arm up, reach for your left knee with your right hand, and twist to your left until you're looking over the back of your chair. Take three to five breaths, twisting a little deeper with each breath. Release and repeat on the other side.

10. Squeeze in a quick breather

The next time you're waiting for a download, resist the urge to check email or complete another task and take a quick break. Close your eyes and pay attention to your breath, letting your thoughts fade. Even if its only for a few seconds, the rewards will be much greater than what you would have gotten done in that time. And now you're ready to read the downloaded file with more focus.

Please try following meditations for amazing stress relief 
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  1. These are all good ways to breaking stress away to start your day with a little bit more energy.


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