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The Violet Flame Exercise to heal and clear your karma.

Find a comfortable chair, in a place where you will not be disturbed for at least 20 minutes.

You are about to enter a new and beautiful place. A new place of cleansing, and regeneration. 

This is not a fictitious exercise to get to you relax. This is a very real Force, a Divine Force, that has healing properties. 

For thousands of years, the connection to the Violet Flame, was kept secret by the Great Ones, the Divine Masters in the higher spiritual Realms. Now, it has been bestowed to humanity at large, in order that we might deal with the karmic burdens that we carry in this very difficult karma ridden and fast moving time.
For your greatest benefit, you might want to create your own tape from this web page. By making a tape, it will be much easier way for you to connect to the wonderful, cleansing energies of the Violet Flame.

Also try Bliss Meditation

Please also try my heart-opening exercise/visualization is about opening your heart to Love

How To:

As you sit in your chair, have your feet flat on the floor, with hands out, palms facing away from the body, and raised, as if you are by a camp fire enjoying the warmth of the flames. If you happen to remember the last time that you went camping, and sat by the fire, you probably instinctively put your hands up to receive the fire's warmth. Do this now.

You will whisper softly during this spiritual exercise a mantra that will open your spiritual eye. 

The Mantra is HU

It is pronounced like the man's name, Hugh

Sing, or whisper it softly, as a love song to God. HU is an ancient name for God, and it can be used by anyone, regardless of their religious affiliations. 

As you sing HU, do the following:

With your eyes closed, and your eyes within looking slightly up between the eye brows, look at the inner screen. 

Next, imagine that you are outside in the mountains and it is dusk. You are sitting on a log, or stone, and you have just finished building yourself a nice bonfire to keep you warm at night. 

You are calm and happy to be away from the city, and you find yourself easily grounded here in nature.
The bonfire that you have made is not an ordinary fire. It crackles and shines with the flickering flame of the Violet Ray, the Spirit Ray. It's beauty and warmth intrigues you as you sit and enjoy its warmth. 

It's energies around you sparkle and dance with the high spiritual vibrations from the Violet Flame. You know that you have come here to join with this most marvelous healing cleanser. You have come to release the old karmic bonds that are around you like old ropes. The particles of energy in the Violet Flame resonates with your own karmic atoms, causing them to loosen the dark past life dust that has bound you. Continue to feel the healing vibrations of the Violet Flame.

Continue this exercise for about 20 minutes. Allow the love and the cleansing from the Flame to enter into your consciousness and body, at a very deep level. The I AM, that is you, as Soul, invites the Flame into you.
Stay and deeply enjoy the energies rom the Flame. If you wish you can ask for the company of the Keeper Of The Flame. He is a Saintly Master and he will give you good counsel. You can sit, and talk to him about anything; your hopes, your fears, your dreams in life. You can talk with him for as long as you like. Stay here, and enjoy the violet fire and the wonderful conversation.

How To End The Violet Flame Spiritual Exercise:
When you are ready to end your session, take a few deep breaths, wiggle your toes, and extend and stretch your arms. Open your eyes slowly. Give yourself a few minutes before you get up.
by Whitneay T. Vanwells 


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