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Chinese Reflexology for healthy Gums and Teeth

Use your thumb to press and rub across the strip in a side-to-side motion. Massage this point for your teeth for about a minute every other day.

It is almost always beneficial even if you don’t believe in it to direct Qi to an area that needs to be healed. The healing energy helps your body to heal itself.
reflexology teeth, reflexology point teethThe Chinese Reflexology points for the teeth are located on the tops of the toes, below the toe knuckles. On the big toe, there’s just one knuckle, so the reflexology points are located above and below the joint.
The reflexology area is shaped like a thin strip and there are two strips on each toe. The distal (top) strip is for the upper jaw and teeth. The proximal (bottom) strip is for the lower jaw and teeth.
The toes on the right foot correspond to the left side of the mouth and the toes on the left foot correspond to the right side.
Here are some good books on Reflexology
Complete Reflexology for Life
The Reflexology Atlas
Better Health with Foot Reflexology

Ideally, you should be massaging your kidney point too. 

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In Traditional Chinese Medicine,
Kidney Qi plays in important role in supporting strong bones and teeth. 

I have another detailed post about kidney point plus diet and qigong exercises.
The Key to Longevity - Kidney Point

You can use your feet to gauge how well something you’re doing is working. 

When there are problems with your teeth and gums, these reflexology points are extremely sensitive to massage. 

As your body heals, the teeth points on your feet feel less sensitive.

Another great set of exercise for Healing is


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  3. I did not know that there is a reflexology point for the teeth. I thought that the portion, which is on the tops of the toes, is for promoting height or something. I knew someone who feels pain when I massage a foot. Now I know it is for kidney reflexology point. Maybe I will try the reflexology point for the teeth too.


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  5. An ancient “Foot Massage” based on the belief that the body contains constantly flowing energy. The feet are regarded as mirrors of the body, treatment aims to re-energize, relax and stimulate the body’s own self-healing. Now you can get the facility in your own home by collecting a home foot massager.


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