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Hot Flashes - How to Tame a Fire Breathing Dragon

The Incredible Relief You Get From Maca!

Probably the most amazing thing about the Maca root is its incredible potency for eradicating the symptoms of menopause and andropause (male menopause). The hot flashes, depression, mood swings and other symptoms of menopause are definitely alleviated by taking Maca, and the improvements are also noticed quite quickly (within days) with most women who take it. Many physicians are having tremendous success using Maca as a home remedy for hot flashes.

In fact, most are now recommending it instead of hormone replacement therapies such as HRT because it has no side effects (only positive effects) and doesn’t harm or damage the body in any way. 
You can easily purchase Organic Maca Powderor Maca Capsulesonline or from most health food stores. For the capsules, you need to take a good dose to begin with for them to be effective and to get the maca into your system, so take two to three capsules twice daily for best results. And with the powder, three quarters to one teaspoon twice daily will usually do the trick. Do this for 6 to 8 weeks then drop back to the maintenance dose. 

In addition to this, because Maca is an adaptogen, we also recommend you constantly vary the dose so your body doesn’t get used to it. This will enhance the effectiveness of Maca and make sure it continues to work for you as a home remedy for your hot flashes. We must also note here that the powder does seem to work slightly better than the capsules so try and go for this first. You can mix it in a smoothie, or any drink you like for that matter for easy consumption.


Your Body Must Have Plenty of Magnesium

Dr Dean (the world’s leading authority on the benefits of magnesium, especially for women) agrees that low magnesium levels create havoc for women’s hormones and lead to all sorts of gynecological problems. "Fluctuating sex hormones affect magnesium levels, making women more sensitive to magnesium deficiency than men," she says.

Magnesium is known to affect the function of nerves and blood vessels and to influence important neurotransmitters such as serotonin. When a woman is experiencing perimenopause (which can last anywhere from between 2 and 5 years) her magnesium levels start to decline rapidly, then during menopause they continue to plummet. This decline is thought to play a role in the development of hot flashes, and a lot recent studies seems to confirm this.

The problem is our foods soils do not contain enough of this vital mineral anymore so supplementation is crucial. The best way for your body to absorb magnesium is through the pours of the skin. Magnesium Sprayensures a fast and efficient absorption of magnesium at a cheap price. However, many women don’t like the feel of the magnesium oil on their skin and usually opt for a supplement called Natural Magnesium Calm. This product is an excellent natural treatment for hot flashes and will not only help tremendously with your night sweats and hot flashes, it will also replenish your magnesium levels quite rapidly and help you to sleep a whole lot better! 


Detoxing can also help a lot to balance hormones and reduce menopausal symptoms

One great Yoga sets for Hot flashes is The Five Tibetans: Five Dynamic Exercises for Health, Energy, and Personal Power
The Five Tibetan Rites are five simple movements that can be completed in less than 20 minutes and will help you live the long healthy, vigorous life of a Tibetan Monk. Just look at the Dalai Lama, who doesn’t want to look as young, vigorous and happy as he is!

The Five Tibetan Rites, the Five Tibetans or the Fountain of Youth exercises as they are often referred to, are considered to be over 2,500 years old.

Their origins in the west are based on a book by Peter Kelder published in 1939 entitled The Eye of Revelation. In this book Kelder claims to have met a retired British army colonel who shared stories of living in a Tibetan Temple (Lamasery) learning from Tibetan monks (Lamas).

Dr. Oz demonstrates the five Tibetan rites

Sa Ta Na Ma meditation can also be very helpful.

  1. The five primal sounds Sa,Ta,Na,Ma have a literal Sanskrit connotation (meaning if you will): Sa means birth (some say infinity); Ta means life; Na means death; and Ma means rebirth.
      Sit in an upright position on the floor or in a straight backed chair. Rest your hands on your knees with palms facing upwards.
      With eyes closed – First: chant Chant the syllables Sa, Ta, Na, Ma for a minute in your normal voice (the voice of action.) Then: whisper it for one minute (the voice of your romantic nature, the inner mind voice.) Next: repeat silently to yourself for one minute (the spiritual voice.) Then reverse the order until you are repeating Sa Ta Na Ma aloud.  Lengthen the ending of each sound as you repeat them, ...aaaaaaaaah.

      Once you have mastered this, try adding the hand practice. 
      Touch your index finger tip to the tip of your thumb as you chant Sa. Touch your middle finger tip to the tip of your thumb as you chant Ta. Touch your ring finger tip to the tip of your thumb as you chant Na.Touch your pinky tip to the tip of your thumb as you chant Ma.

Eggplant, known in Ayurveda as “elabatu,” is a sweet, astringent, and pungent stamina builder that bumps up circulation. A warming food, it’s excellent for “cold” women—those who could use more prana. It’s one of the greatest foods for women’s healing. In fact, it’s such a good woman’s food that Yogi Bhajan liked to call it “God’s ovaries.” Along with the “trinity roots” (onion, garlic, and ginger), eggplant is an aphrodisiac.

This purple energizer helps to regulate hormone functions, and will help bring on a tardy menstrual period. It’s a diuretic food and can be helpful in chronic PMS treatment. Eggplant has not been studied much, so the way it works is unclear, but it may contain phytohormones, like those being discovered in many other foods.

Robyn Landis, in her book, Herbal Defense, talks about her experience of using eggplant to naturally stimulate the onset of menses that had ceased for over two years. Still, for amenorrhea, it needs to be eaten regularly—say half of an eggplant daily—to produce results, and it is not a great food during pregnancy. Eggplant increases appetite and, for some people, gas. It increases muscular strength, and helps with gallstones. It has been used for asthma, cough, and chronic pain. Eggplant is a nightshade, related to tomatoes and potatoes, so some folks who have trouble with nightshades may have to avoid it, though this is pretty rare. Generally, eggplant is not compatible with yogurt, milk, melon, and cucumber.

I also suggest to check if you have Candida imbalance. It can greatly contribute to hot flashes.  Please read my posts on Candida control and diet 
Weight Lost, Candida, and Digestion
Vegetables that eliminate Candida (includes recipes)

Meridian Yoga for Menopause By Gail Walker

Menopause is a time of diminished Kidney Chi. Water is the element associated with kidney energy. When water is diminished, fire can get out of control. Kidney Meridian starts mid-sole and travels up the inside the legs and up the midline of the body to the inside edge of the collarbones.

Please read more on Healing your Kidneys The Key to Longevity - The kidneys
Touch Toes to Reinforce Kidneys
Qigong for Strengthening the Kidneys

Pranayama Varuna Mudra – balances the water element in the body. It also enhances physical beauty. Press the right pinkie finger to the right thumb pad and fold the thumb over the pinkie, then hold the right hand in the left palm and hold the left thumb over the right pinkie and right thumb with the other three fingers of the right hand extended. 


Sitali (Cooling Breath) – do not practice if you have low blood pressure. 1:2 ratio inhale to exhale moving towards 6:12. It is said that if you practice 26 Sitali breaths per day you will see your life change. Water Up / Fire Down – with each inhale visualizing cool water moving up your spine and into your head / with each exhale visualizing hot fire moving down away from your head into your abdomen, storing it for digestion. Connecting with FLUIDITY – connect with the breath as fluid - feel the gentle wave of the breath move through the body; aware of the emotions as fluid – allowing emotions to flow without being blocked or repressed in any way; aware of the fluidity of thoughts as they flow downstream – watching them from the vantage point of a bridge – watch them flow by and pass and drift off into the distance; aware of the fluid nature of your body on all levels; letting fluidity settle into your concept of wholeness.

Riding a Hot Flash

Are you ready?

Next time a hotflash 'creeps up on you', instead of letting it run under and over your skin, turn around and look into its 'eyes'.

In your mind, look at the hotflash as a fiery dragon - a wisdom dragon.

It is a dragon of wisdom - not your enemy but your friend indeed.

When it approaches, turn around and look straight into its eyes.

Don't try to overwhelm or control it - connect with it on the level of your heart and guts - friendly, kindly, respectfully.

Breathe in and out deeply, calmly, steady. Feel your breath all the way down into your solar plexus/navel, your place of strength.

Be aware of your own fire nature, the fire element in your body, and embrace it. Be aware of the sameness of your fire nature with that of the dragon-hotflash. Embrace all of it - yourself, the dragon-hotflash, the fire nature itself.

Feel the oneness. Now, breathing out, feel the cool freshness of your breath.

Be aware how the heat and the coolness are two sides of the one.They complement each other.

Now, ask the dragon-hotflash for permission to ride with it.

When you feel it is granted, gently hold onto it and ride lightly, easily, becoming one with it, calmly breathing in and out.

Relax, and feel the purifying force of the fire nature inside - feel the calming coolness of the air around you. You might feel a surge of energy, simply watch it. It is the energy of wisdom and strength, that you are connecting with.

Now, ask the dragon to gently share with you the wisdom that is trying to make itself known to you.

You might realize the answer within; you might hear it as if spoken; or see it in form of images while riding the dragon.

The answer might be a solution to a current problem, or pointing to a path in your life. All the answers are within you, these surges of inner fire are trying to bring them to your attention.

Enjoy the ride - you will know when it is finished; the dragon will land, the hotflash will ebb. Give your thanks to the dragon-hotflash, and treasure those surges of wisdom - they are a guide on your path.

If you feel hotflashes to be overwhelming, or disturbing your regular life, you may like to try a herbal remedy to soothen the effects.

Please stay tuned for Part II - Active meditations for menopausal women by Gilles Marin


KAL - Magnesium Glycinate 400, 180 tablets
Magnesium Oil with ALOE VERA
Green Tidings All Natural Deodorant with Magnesium
The Five Tibetans: Five Dynamic Exercises for Health, Energy, and Personal Power
The Five Tibetans DVD: An Expert Teacher's Practice Guide + Two Bonus Training Manuals (PDF)
Sa Ta Na Ma meditation

More Exercises and Tips for Energy Flow(Qi) Cultivation:

Tips for healthy Digestion:


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