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Heavy Metal Detox - Mercury Free Body

There are two main principles in natural cleansing.

Mercury must first be pulled from its existing location in your tissues and deposited into your blood stream. The mercury must then be bound to a cleansing agent that takes it from your blood and brings it to your excretory system for removal.

Mercury is stored in several types of tissue in the body and each type requires different strategies and supplements. The dosages are for 185 lbs. You may want to consider adjusting your dosage proportionately.

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4 Steps to a Mercury Free Body

1. Mobilize mercury from the kidneys using garlic for 2 weeks.

2. Unload connective tissue using chlorella for 3-6 months.

3. Detoxify the brain and central nervous system with cilantro tincture.

4. Maintain health using smaller doses of chlorella.

These steps will overlap and complement each other.

I first cleared out my kidneys to prepare for the increased excretion of mercury that will occur.

I then detoxified the muscle and connective tissues where the bulk of the mercury resides.

Next, I targeted the sensitive nervous system to protect against the neurological ailments caused by mercury. Performing this step before the first two may result in complications. Once my body cleaned itself of the easy to reach mercury, I aggressively targeted the deeply hidden mercury using a powerful supplement.

Finally, small amounts of mercury remained or continued to accumulate, so I used chlorella to maintain health and flush out the remainder.

Tips for healthy Digestion:

Step 1:

Garlic Sulfur, a main component of garlic, is used by the body to rid itself of environmental toxins. Most people are sulfur depleted and are unable to cope with normal toxins, never mind the extra stress of detoxification. Sulfur aggressively binds to heavy metals. Garlic also helps oxidize heavy metals so the metals are water soluble and more easily excreted. Garlic contains a critical mineral called selenium. An antimicrobial component of garlic will help protect against infections due to cleansing, but is only found in high qualify freeze dried garlic products. The food can be used if you don’t mind the odor. Try to get in three cloves per day and take it for 1-2 weeks. Crush the garlic and let it be exposed to air for 10 minutes if possible. This will enhance the beneficial qualities. Please note that I normally do not recommend garlic because it is one of the most common food intolerances. I believe it has both good and bad effects on the body, but the bad may outweigh the good under normal circumstances. For mercury detox preparation a limited amount of garlic may be ok. If you experience intestinal discomfort or gas discontinue use and check your local health food store for a kidney flush tincture or cleanse.

Step 2:

Chlorella - Chlorella and cilantro tincture are the two most important cleansing agents. Chlorella is an algae that is excellent at mobilizing mercury and other heavy metals from the gut, muscles, ligaments, connective tissue, and bone. It binds to the mercury bring it to the colon for elimination so the kidneys don’t work as hard. Chlorella also has antiviral qualities and is considered a “super food” by some. It will feed the good bowel flora as well. Chlorella must have “cracked cell walls” so it is digestible. I recommend Yayaema chlorella, which is produced off the coast of Japan in unpolluted waters. Chlorella comes in pill or powder form. I preferred mixing a heaping spoonful of powdered chlorella into my shake in the morning. If taking pills, two sizes are available - larger oblong pills or smaller circular pills. To equal a heaping scoop of powder it will require about 10 large pills or 20 small pills. I continued this dosage for 6 months.

Step 3:

Cilantro - Cilantro has the rare ability to enter the brain and nervous system to remove mercury, which is normally difficult to achieve. Cilantro does not help with eliminating the mercury so chlorella must be continued to aid in excretion. Otherwise, the body may simply redistribute the mercury, essentially flooding your connective tissues and re-toxifying your body. Cilantro tincture may also relieve aching joints, increase mental acuteness and concentration, and reduce headaches. For my routine I preferred introducing cilantro to my body in several ways to maximize its effectiveness. I used a cilantro tincture I found at my local health food store. It is a concentrated extract that is 5 times more potent than the herb. From a 2oz. bottle I squirted 1 dropper full (about 40 drops) into a glass of water 3 times a day until the bottle was finished (about 1 week). I took a week off of cilantro, then restarted the cycle with a new bottle. I maintained my chlorella intake the entire time without taking a break. I continued this cilantro rotation for 6 months. I did not start the cilantro cycle until after I completed the 6 month chlorella program. I also did not start cilantro until I had my amalgams removed (as discussed on the next page). The herb cilantro found in grocery stores is not potent enough for substantial benefits in detoxification, but is excellent for general health if added to your diet. Use cilantro in tea, miso soup, pesto, or salads. I buy fresh cilantro every time I go to the grocery store and use it as a main ingredient for my salads. I also make cilantro tea.

Step 4:

Chlorella Maintenance - As a part of your normal supplement routine chlorella should be used to combat mercury that is accumulating in your body after this cleanse. Coal power plants are dumping thousands of tons of mercury into our environment every year and it is impossible to completely remove all exposure to mercury. Because chlorella acts as a heavy metal sponge in the digestive tract it is especially important to take when eating fish so it will bind to the mercury before it has a chance to get into your body. I add a small spoonful of chlorella powder in the morning to my protein shake. I mix a large spoonful in water and drink it about 30 minutes before I eat fish.

Routine Summary 

To summarize the routine, here are my steps and dosages.
  • Garlic - 3 cloves per day for 2 weeks.
  • Chlorella Powder Detox - 1 heaping spoonful in water (or protein shake) every morning for 6 months. 
  • Cilantro and Chlorella Detox - 1 dropper full of cilantro and one heaping spoonful of chlorella powder in water every morning. 
  • Chlorella Powder Maintenance - 1 small spoonful in the morning with my protein shake indefinitely.


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