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Master Shin Ki (Qi) therapy session

I had my first Ki (Qi) therapy session from Master Shin today. I liked it a lot. It’s a first time that I felt something substantial right away.
The session lasted for over an hour. Master Shin and his wife were both present. They are both extremely nice and it was a pleasure to meet them. Master Shin asked me to explain why I came to see him. He listened very attentively and told me about his work. He told me his wife was told she had cancer and only 6 month to live. It was a long time ago. She didn't go conventional route and used chemotherapy and now she is totally fine. OK, now back to the session. He practices in a small room in a Karate Studio. I was asked to take my shoes off before I entered the studio. After I explained my problems, he asked me to sit on the massage table so he can examine my spine. He pressed few points where I experienced a lot of pain. He told me that he can see some channels are blocked and need to be unblocked. I, then, laid down on the table face down. He massaged a lot of points along the spine first. Some of them were extremely sore and he told me that that’s the area related to my digestive system. I have to say that the point massage was very painful at times, but well worth it. After certain points, Master Shin just put his hands and transmitted Chi energy. It took an hour and he went thru the whole body. He massaged all the channels and points from head to toes. After he was done, he asked me to sleep on my back from now. I felt extremely relaxed after he was done. I walked to my workplace and during the walk, I felt light like a heavy weight was lifted.

I still feel amazing and I will report further progress.

Update:    I felt an improvement after my 1st visit for a while, however the stomach issues came back. After the 2nd visit, the condition didn't change and he is very expensive. I was going to try him again because if nothing else it was a good massage, but I got some sharp back pain right after the second visit. When I contacted him to ask if I should put ice on it, he was very dismissive and never emailed me to see if it got better.



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