Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Reiki Healing Session last night

I had my Complementary distance Reiki Healing Session last night. Dan has a practice in NYC and offered me a complementary session because I signed up for his email list. He asked me to wait few days since it takes time for energy to work. I will created a follow post later in a week. So far I can report that I felt tingling in hands and feet during the session. I don't know if I felt his energy or just relaxed enough to let my energy flow on it's own. I don't have problems feeling energy. All I have to do is to place my awareness on certain parts of my body and it usually starts to tingle. This morning I felt very relaxed and had a strong desire to hug a tree! Interesting that I felt like I need to take a walk in a forest. I will keep reporting any new developments.

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