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Trouble sleeping? Qigong Solution - Energy in your head.

Do you have trouble sleeping sometimes?

If so, then you may have too much life energy up in your head when you try to go to sleep.

Like your blood, your life energy circulates throughout your body. The center of your blood's circulation is your heart, of course, from which your blood flows and to which it returns if all is in order.

The center of your life energy's circulation is an energy center called your lower tan tien (pronounced dahn dee-en), which is located in the core of your body at a height just below your belly button. Life energy flows from here out to your extremities and back again.

When we engage in activities involving particular parts of our bodies, our systems naturally send more life energy to those parts. When we work with our hands, more energy goes to our hands. When we digest food, more energy goes to our stomachs. When we walk, more energy goes to our legs and feet.

When we think or use our eyes, ears, or other senses more energy goes to our heads.

Unfortunately, if one uses one part of one's body excessively, the excess energy that goes there may not circulate back to one's lower tan tien properly. This especially can happen with the head.

The result for many of us when this occurs is that we are not able to sleep well or at all. When our energy becomes stuck in our heads, our minds keep churning or our senses remain overstimulated.

A solution is to get the energy out of our heads, which can be done in a variety of ways.

Some people find that if they circle their feet and toes a hundred times in one direction and then a hundred times in the other direction, then their energy is drawn out of their heads and down to their feet.

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Another approach that you can try is to stand up and walk very slowly in place. Try to continuously feel your feet or belly until your mind starts to calm down.

Heal With Qigong!

Qi Gong exercise for calming the mind

Here’s an exercise to help draw energy out of your head and direct it to your lower abdomen. By shifting your focus away from distracting thoughts, you’ll rest more easily. Read the instructions then give it a try. Practice this exercise at a time when things are quiet and you can work without interruption.
Step one: Lie comfortably on your back.
Imagine the contented feeling you get after you've eaten a delicious satisfying meal. After a meal like that you felt happy and a maybe a little sleepy, right? Simply by recreating that feeling of contentment, your body will begin to slip into a calm peaceful state. At the same time all that extra energy in your head will move down toward your digestive system where it can begin to “digest those distracting thoughts.

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Step two: Place your hands on your lower belly, about 2 cm (1 inch) below the navel. Women keep the right hand in contact with the abdomen with the left hand on top. Men keep the left hand in contact with the abdomen with the right hand on top.

Step three: Begin to make large slow circles in a clockwise direction over your lower belly, keeping your hands in light contact with the skin. The circles should be slow – about 4 full seconds for each revolution. For best results repeat the movement at least 81 times.

Tips: When working, focus your full attention on the movement of your hands as they circle around your belly. Feel every nuance of touch, motion and sensation. Soon you will begin to feel warmth in the palms of your hands and throughout your abdomen. Your arms may also begin to feel a bit fatigued. As you shift your focus from your head to your belly your mind will naturally become calmer.

If you are having difficulty focusing your attention on the movement of your hands, try following your breath instead. Notice how your belly rises and falls with each breath. Move your hand in rhythm to your breath.

If you are still unable to quiet your mind, don’t worry about it. Quieting the mind can take some time. Don’t force yourself to stop thinking — that rarely works. Instead, step back and simply observe the movement of your swirling thoughts from a distance. Observe your thoughts quietly and without judgment. Notice your thoughts rhythmically rising and falling away. Continue to breathe deeply as you circle your hands. Eventually your mind will begin to calm down.

However you proceed, remember to be gentle to yourself. This is the most important tip of all!

Herbal support: You can enhance this Qi Gong exercise with Bach Flower therapy. Use a bit of Rescue Remedy or mix it with a bit of White Chestnut. Place a drop of the remedy on the soles of your feet to help with grounding. With the essences still on your hand, do the belly exercise.

Another approach is to eat or drink something to draw your energy out of your head and into your belly.

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Yet another approach is to avoid strong mental, visual, or auditory stimulation for an hour or so before you go to bed. You also should avoid any physical activity which will stimulate greater energy flow through your whole system, including your head.

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Another preventive approach is to massage your feet for ten or fifteen minutes before you go to bed. Better yet, if you can, get someone else to do it for you!

The next time you can't sleep, begin to experiment with how you can get your life energy out of your head.

Sleep well.

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  1. Good advice, there are several ways to allow the energy to move from the brain. Not all methods work for all people. I use a following the breath meditation, which I sometimes do standing - paying attention to maintain a good qigong standing posture. Just standing in one place, watching the abdominal breath move and allow the tension to drain down the body to the ground. This can be done sitting for those who don't know standing meditation.

  2. Yes, grounding is always a good idea.

    I did 200 toes/feet circles last night. It worked like a charm. I was simply too exhausted not to fall asleep. :)

  3. This is written very well you are a very good writer and you know what we want. me also working on the health topic that is also an issue now a days

    Common Sleep Problems

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