Friday, May 17, 2013

Blue Bottle Coffee - How awesome is it?!!!

I read a lot of positive reviews and decided it was time to try Blue Bottle Coffee. 

First time I stopped by, I got a latte. It was after taste whatsoever. And the best part I didn't need sugar. It was that awesome! If you ever in Rockefeller Center, you must try it! It's not easy to find, so you might just want to ask once you go downstairs to the ice skating ring area.

I wasn't crazy about the service, but the young man knew how to make a great latte. They don't ask your name.  I was just standing there and he placed few lattes on the counter that people immediately grabbed. It was very confusing. 

I have to say that latte was small and pricey. In my opinion, it is still worth trying. You have to taste it at least once. I was done with it by the time I found an exit. I definitely wanted more. 

Second time I stopped by, I tried their coffee blend. All the coffee is made fresh in front of you using the pour over method. I asked the server for recommendation. I wanted something less strong that day. She told me that single origin was milder, but if I add milk, I need to get the blend. I got the blend and let me tell you, that coffee will wake you up and make you jump up and down for a few hours! It was strongest coffee I ever had. It tasted good with no aftertaste, but I wouldn't recommend it late in a day. You are not getting any sleep after that cup!

Third time I went back for Latte. It was a hot day and I added a drop of milk. I am sorry to say it wasn't as good as the first time, but it could have been the extra milk. So if you get a Latte, don't add anything to it!

I read somewhere that the coffee is organic, but I couldn't find proof anywhere and the website doesn't say anything.

I wish they had the sitting area. It's standing room only.

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