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"Sha" Mudra meditation for Healing

Taokan Karuna is similar to Karuna Reiki but it is given a slightly different twist. Taokan Karuna Reiki means compassionate energy. It is spread by the creator and all that is. It is heart centered healing often referred to as "Compassionate Heart Reiki."

Taokan Karuna Reiki is a healing art and meditative practice designed to cultivate compassion and spread love." Kai" is used for developing intuition in treating. "Sha" is used to develop and strengthen the channels and bring about health, clarity of mind and purpose, and the cultivation of compassion.

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"Sha" Mudra and Healing Meditation 

This Mudra is called "Sha" in Japanese. It is also used in Taoism, some Tibetan arts, and in Ninjutsu. "Sha" is used for Healing of Self and Others, and to develop and strengthen the inner channel. It was said that those that mastered the Inner connections using "Sha" would develop an inner power and would no longer succumb to viruses and other afflictions. In this mudra the index fingers and thumbs are extended while the other fingers are interlocked. 

"Sha" is an excellent mudra to use when meditating. 
Using this Mudra in the meditation below helps to increase within us health, vitality and healing strength. The following exercise can help to fully develop the use of "Sha". 

To do this, first place your hands in the "Sha" Mudra. This helps link the pathways within the body. By forming the Sha Mudra with the hands the appropriate pathways of energy are linked within the body. It brings health and knowing. The activity helps increase your inner strength, expands your channel, expand the mind and the ability to sense self and others and to remove fear.

Breathe in through the nose and out of the nose. Empty your mind by focusing only on the breathing.

If that is difficult, count slowly to seven on the inhalation and to seven on the exhalation. If other thoughts arise, pay them no mind and let them slip away. Focus within and on the flow of energy within the body and on the spirit.

Deep within us burns a Fire, behind the Dan Tien and it is the area of Personal Chi. This meditation replenishes our personal Chi with the compassionate loving energy of Taokan Karuna™ (or Reiki, etc.) and strengthens us, reduces stress and anxiety, and increases our ability to channel the energy.

Focus on the Dan Tien, or slightly behind it. Some people see or visualize this as see it as a ball of light, fire or heat. Visualize the ball of fire deep within you, behind the Dan Tien. Connect to Taokan Karuna™ or Reiki energy. This activity is to focus on the fire and to make it burn brighter and warmer and to increase its radiance throughout the body.

As you breathe in the breath, the loving light energy comes in through the crown (top of head). See the energy move down to behind the Dan Tien area and see if fill the area making the light there grow, and brighten. You will feel energized. When you feel energized and filled, allow the energy to expand outwards and through your body spreading ever outward further and further to the top of the head, the tips of the toes and the tips of the fingers. See it spread through all the organs.

Focus on the Mudra, and hold it between the sternum and the Dan Tien. Breath in through the hands and into the Dan Tien, and on the exhale from the Dan Tien out through the hands. Do this for 10 minutes or so.

When done, focus the mind back on the Dan Tien. Allow your consciousness to return to normal. Stand, and shake the hands three times, and then the feet three times.

Once you master this breathing technique, you can do this activity any time by using the mudra and just concentrating on breathing and increasing the light. Done regularly it strengthens the body and mind, and increases the vitality of the body

Like with Karuna ki or Reiki, you will notice that the hands will be very hot when doing this and after. This can be done with any of the other Kuji-in hand positions.


  1. I have recently developed a couple of emotional clearing techniques. The first one I call Two Hands Touching ~ THT. It is very much like this Healing mudra meditation, but different. When my son does it, he sometimes holds his hands more like this here instead of like mine. I see here, that it's just fine. The second one uses THT. I call it EZ Deletion Sequence. I made a website to share with all who want to learn it. I would appreciate your feedback. It seems like it would be of interest to you based on your posts. Thanks, Juniper

  2. Sounds Interesting. What is your website?

  3. Our thoughts, our ideas and opinions about ourselves and the world around us - will manifest. Therefore, one of the main problems we face - especially if we have had a long term illness or injury - is getting trapped in the thought that we are sick or injured. This thought that we are injured or ill can keep us sick or injured, or can cause new illness and injury.

    ilchi lee prayer of peace


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