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Color Meditation

Color breathing is a complementary healing technique that uses color meditation to alter our physical, mental and spiritual state. It involves meditating on a color in order to absorb its healing qualities. Color breathing is amazing simple and can be learned very quickly.
Even Though it's simple, learning to use color breathing can help improve your life! Practice the technique whenever necessary and you will begin to see the benefits almost immediately.

Color Breathing Exercise

Lie down or sit in a comfortable chair and allow yourself to relax. Breathe comfortably and deeply but keep the rhythm of your breathing natural and relaxed. Now imagine yourself bathed in the color of your choice. As you breathe, imagine the color entering your solar plexus (above the abdomen) and spreading throughout your whole body. As you breathe out visualize the complementary color leaving your body.

1233447_set_of_crayonsColor Meanings


Blue is the color of relaxation and peace. You should imagine blue when you need to relax and unwind. Blue is good if you are suffering from insomnia. It can also be visualized when you need to clear the mind or when you are having problems thinking clearly. The complementary color of blue is orange.


Green is color of healing. Use green to cleanse, balance and purify your body. It is a good color if you need to relax as it helps to balance and improve your thoughts. The complementary color of green is red.


Magenta is the color of release. Use magenta when you need to let go of negative thoughts or ideas. It helps facilitate any type of change and brings out your spiritual energies. The complementary color of magenta is lime green.


Orange is the color of fun, happiness and joy. Use orange if you are feeling lifeless and depressed. The complementary color of orange is blue.


Red is the color of energy and vitality. It increases your strength and sexuality. Use red when you lack energy or are exhausted. The complementary color of red is green.


Turquoise is used to calm and soothe. It strengthens the immune system and can help feverish conditions and inflammations. Use turquoise if you feel dominated by other people or always give in to their thoughts or ideas. The complementary color of turquoise is yellow.


Violet is the color of self dignity and respect. Use violet if you lack self esteem. It is also useful when you find you are putting yourself down or start to feel that you can't achieve your goals. The complementary color of violet is yellow-brown.


Yellow is the color for studying and concentrating. It stimulates intellect and increases your ability to be objective. It increases detachment and helps if you are feeling over sensitive or controlled by other people or when you find it difficult to let go of something. The complementary color of yellow is turquoise
Start practicing today and enjoy!



  1. And the Radiance of the soul, the Divine Light that is the soul - can heal the physical body. In true healing, the physical body is infused with the Light of the soul. On the other hand, if we think we are merely the physical body, we can become imprisoned in it - along with its ailments and injuries. Our own thoughts will imprison us.

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