Monday, June 3, 2013

Back from Bermuda

We got back to NYC yesterday from our cruise. The weather on Bermuda was amazing.

Breakaway is a huge boat. Majority of the time, you can't tell you are moving. It's like being on land.

Too many people though. They tried to fit 4000 and it's only designed for 3000. In the future, I would prefer more intimate boats. It has tons of nice features like rock claiming wall, fireworks, yoga and specialty restaurants.

However, the amount of people on the boat prevents you from enjoying it.

We had to wait around 45 min to get into the dining room almost every night.  They have beeper system set up like Cheesecake factory. You can be anywhere on the boat when it goes off.

All the specialty restaurants were already booked before we even got on the boat.

Nothing is free anymore. You are paying extra for every little thing. Also the food didn't impress at all. I felt other NCL boats had better food. Overall, it was nice to see once, but I wouldn't go back.

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