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Tibetan Tantric Meditation (Phowa)

Phowa (pronounced po-wa) is a Tibetan Tantric meditation that can give Realization (i.e. "Enlightenment").

It is translated as "transference of consciousness"...

Tibetan tantrics use many variations of Phowa everyday.

(Note: Repeated Tantric visualization induces powerful physiological transformations in the brain and body - so if you are not in perfect health, obtain your physician's recommendations before starting!)

Here's one simple, very powerful version of Phowa for you to try. Like most tantric meditations, it works best if you merge your 5 sense senses with your imagination:

Sit upright and relaxed, breathing smoothly, deeply and evenly with your abdomen.

Close your eyes if you need to. Touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth.

Using imagination and your senses together, feel your body dissolve and replace it from above with a radiant, beautifully glowing "divine" body.

Inhabit that radiant body and remain with that feeling for a few moments.

Now dissolve the "divine" body and replace it from above with a larger, even more radiant body made of pure light.

Repeat this step 3, 7, or 9 times, experiencing each radiant light body, before you dissolve it.   Lastly, again generate a radiant, "divine body" of light, from above, perhaps even larger this time.

Remain within it and experience the radiance for a few moments, then dissolve it in an instant.

What remains? Experience this Reality without form!

(Where are You? Who are you? Are you the physical body?

Are you any of those manufactured, luminous "Divine Bodies"?

Or are you really that which remains - primordial consciousness, that which permeates even empty space, the Absolute, the universal, the Logos.

Hindu sages call this Atman -- the "Self." Buddhist sages call it An-atman -- "No-self." The difference is just semantics. Both speak of the same primordial nature...)

Now, remaining in the awareness that YOU ARE THAT, come back to the visceral experience of your physical body, firmly planted in physical reality.

Your real self nature can be experienced here, too, in everyday existence, because It permeates all things.

Repeat the meditation as often as you like, to remind you of your own real Nature.

Remember, tantric visualizations are designed to shift awareness, emotional state, or physical sensation.

They can powerfully affect your physiology and awareness, especially when repeated often, so get a medical checkup before you make any life change, including beginning tantric visualization.

If you ever feel unwell, stop and contact your physician to determine if anything is wrong.

If your doctor finds no underlying medical cause, contact an experienced, realized meditation teacher for pointers.

If you are healthy but feel a little lightheaded or spacey, you can always stop and ground yourself for a walking, or massaging your hamstrings, your feet, or the nerve endings in your sacrum...

or simply visualizing yourself as a tree and breathing through roots extending deeply into the ground...

if the feeling persists, call your physician just to be sure...

Smile, Breathe Right, and Keep Your Tongue Up!

Don't expect to do everything perfectly the first time.
Trust instinct, let go and just try it a few times with no thinking...just feel and visualize.



  1. Wow! thank you for this teaching :)

  2. It's complete wrong. I personally wouldn't care much what you say, but to my friend Uilium and may be some other guys it would create complete confusion.

    Phowa is exactly "transference of consciousness" - and it's not practiced every day or for healing. Rather in opposite - it has been believed it shortens life. But it is done to bring living beings who have died or should be prepared to die to transfer their consciousness to the Pure Land.

    The Best Lamas, who are believed to do Phowa "often" - usually means may be 6 times or so per year.

    And - it is strongly discouraged to do Phowa without necessary teaching under Lama's guidance or to teach in public Phowa.

    - What you describe under Phowa, is not really Phowa, you just use nice name, you can write what ever you like, but it is better to not confuse people.


  3. Our thoughts, our ideas and opinions about ourselves and the world around us - will manifest. Therefore, one of the main problems we face - especially if we have had a long term illness or injury - is getting trapped in the thought that we are sick or injured. This thought that we are injured or ill can keep us sick or injured, or can cause new illness and injury.

    Ilchi Lee Books

  4. This is not Phowa! Phowa is part of the 6 Yogas of Naropa, there is even an earlier version within Bön practices. But is has nothing to do with the meditation described here. Please do not confuse people.


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