Monday, June 17, 2013

Amazing Meditation for Opening Third Eye

A key mechanism used for opening a chakra point is by bringing your attention to the physical trigger point or Kshetram.  By attending to this location in the body (the kshetram), one generates sensations which then travel back to the chakra, to stimulate and activate it.

The trigger point for the Third Eye is slightly above the middle of the eyebrows.  So very close to the center of the forehead.  The following technique uses this knowledge and other aspects of yoga pranayama to help you open this chakra.

Here is how it is to be practiced:
1. Sit comfortably and close your eyes.  Keep your back straight.

2. Now take a simple US penny (or other small preferably copper currency from your country), clean it well and then place it between your eyebrows.

3. Now roughly push it up to the center of the forehead with your index finger.  Once you reach the center of your forehead push it in firmly and remove your finger

4. The penny will stay in place as long as your forehead muscles are kept relaxed.  If the penny was to fall during the meditation, just continue with the meditation without it.

5. You feel get wonderful feedback sensation now from the center of the forehead which is the trigger point for opening the Third Eye.

6. Now begin to breathe in the following pattern.  Visualize inhaling through right nostril, with the air as White Light flowing from your nostril to the center of the Third Eye (center of the forehead).

7. Then exhale and visualize the air as White Light, leaving the center of your forehead (where the penny is) and flowing out the left nostril.

8. Now visualize inhaling through left nostril and exhaling through right nostril, again the air is White Light and flowing in this triangular shape.  Coming from the left nostril to the center of the forehead and then leaving the Third Eye and flowing out the right nostril.

9. When you finish one round say "Ten" mentally.  

10. Again visualize breathing in through right, out though left, in through left and out through right and count down to 9.  In this way continue to count down all the way to 1 and then start over at 10 after you finish with 1.

11. Keep this pattern up for the duration of the meditation.  You can start with a few minutes and build up to 20 minutes.  The meditation will produce a strong sensation in the Third Eye and by it's design will really help you concentrate and bring your attention there.  It is a great meditation for thus awakening the Third Eye Chakra. 

Final Thoughts on Third Eye Meditation:
Many of us report feeling sensations in our Third Eye region already, and by consistent use of this penny meditation, you too will soon have such sensations as the Third Eye is activated.  Then you can use the sensations instead of the penny to practice this wonderful technique.  This technique is also very helpful for curing tension headaches and is very effective for stress release, as well as for finding peace during anxious times in life.

Not bad for 1 cent huh :-)?  I really do hope you try this great technique and enjoy it's wonderful benefits :-). 



  1. thankyou, i could feel the vibrations, and the pulling and pulsing feelings from my 3rd-eye,, thankyou, with this ,, i started hving fast and strong , feelings, and awakened-my 3rd eye ,very quickly.. hve a nice day,,peace-2-u,, and THANK-Q.