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How to Avoid Gray Hair using Energy Medicine.

I found this interesting information on Donna Eden's website on how to How to Avoid Gray Hair.

Some of her suggestions sound easy enough, so why not give a try.

Before we start, I want it on the record and understood that you should energy test anything I recommend here, using energy localizing. Always remember that no two people are the same. What may work for one person won't necessarily work for another.

Also, rotate substances. The body habituates so that a remedy that was working may stop working. If you give your body a break from it, it will often start working again. Energy testing shows you when you need to rotate.

The following describes what I have found to be useful in preventing – or sometimes even reversing – gray hair.

A Native American woman told my aunt to take the mineral COPPER. She did, and her hair came back from gray. Make sure you energy test this, because you can overdose on copper. Plus we can't let ourselves be fooled into thinking that what worked for one person will work for another.
When I had multiple sclerosis, I found a few herbs, minerals, and vitamins that were helpful. Pantothenic acid not only helped my toes not be numb and swollen, but I believe Pantothenic acid, along with iodine, also helped keep my hair from falling out, which it was doing in huge handfuls when I was sick.
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In addition to copper, iodine, and pantothenic acid, I've seen benefit from B-12, chlorophyll, and DMAE, as well as coconut oil put directly on the hair. 

Massaging mehndi (a Henna) into the scalp is done in India to prevent grayness. Because hair needs fresh sources of protein, collagen can also be helpful. Again, energy test for any of these.

Stress and genetics play a large role in the decline of the tiny hair pigment cells. 
Try following meditations and exercises for amazing stress relief and healing:
The Violet Flame Exercise to heal and clear your karma
5 Min Meditation to wash away anxiety
My favorite Meditation for Self-Healing by Yogi Bhajan
Breathing exercise to overcome all of your physical shortcomings
Also try Bliss Meditation
Meditation to receive Universal Love
Please also try my Heart-opening Exercise/Visualization
Yoga Pose for Sexual Potency and Digestion

With pigment cells decline, you lose the pigment color in your hair. But energy work can influence this.
Your body is always losing and replacing its hair. A normal hair cycle should lead to more hair. Growth cycles are related to energy balances, so when the energy between head and hair has gone awry, hair graying and hair loss is often a result.

Factors that interfere with the cycle – like medication, illness, infection, or chemicals – have the potential to stop hair from being formed properly. It can get dry, it can go gray, and it can fall out. 

Balancing the energies in the head can counter this (use Neurovasculars, Crown Pull, Rooster Comb Hold, meridians, etc.)

Also you can balance the energies by practicing:

Problems with the thyroid or pituitary glands can also cause graying and baldness, so test and balance the associated meridians. A very simple technique is to tape a magnet or two onto your hairbrush so the south side faces your scalp. The energy of a magnet's south side stimulates growth. Many people have shown me positive results after I suggested they do this.

Not only was color restored to graying hair when using the magnet, but their hair grew in thicker. When this approach works, it is usually because there is a sebaceous gland problem. In fact, simply massaging the sebaceous glands on the scalp can also help with hair issues.

A Native American woman gave me the following technique. I have known this to work for many people, and I have now seen it in many cultures. Join your hands together like you are praying. Keeping your fingertips joined to each other, pull your fingers inward to create an "m" shape. Then buff your nails together in up-and-down circles. Don't do the thumbs (this causes facial hair).There are nerve endings under the nails that go directly to your scalp, and it stimulates meridian flow. The nails reflect and affect liver, blood, and energy. If the liver, blood, and kidney essence is plentiful, then the hair is thick, healthy, and retains its color.

To close, one special story. The pitch black hair of my wonderful old friend, Jimmy Wong, went pure white after a heart attack. He used a Chinese herb, He Shou Wu, and it returned to black.


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