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Acupressure and Chinese Medicine for Sinusitis

Four points below are great for clearing nasal passage, post-nasal drip and sinus headaches.

1. Yintang 

The most common use for Yintang in modern acupuncture clinics is to calm the mind. 

Yintang, whose English translation is Hall of Impression, is its own entity. It’s a single point located between the eyebrows, just below the area known as the third eye (see above).

People suffering from stuffiness, post-nasal drip, sinus congestion and nosebleeds are likely candidates for Yintang. The point also is used for eye disorders as well as frontal headaches, dizziness and vertigo.

To apply acupressure to Yin Tang, bring the first and middle fingers of your two hands together, using the ends of those four fingers, very gently, in a circular motion, massage the area between the inner ends of your two eyebrows. The motion can be either clockwise or counter-clockwise (find out which intuitively feels best to you). Massage 20-30 times. As you apply that circular acupressure/massage, allow all the muscles of your forehead to soften and relax (saying "ahh" can be useful here), as though they were releasing backward, in the direction of the center of your skull (the upper dantian area).

2. Yingxiang (LI 20)

Rest the whorled section of the middle or index fingers on Yingxiang (LI 20) on both sides of the nostrils. Press-knead 20-30 times firmly to get the sensation of soreness.

3. The side of the nose

Rub both sides of the nose with the side of the index fingers, moving upward and downward 20-30 times to get the sensation of heat.

4. Juliao (S 3) — The center of the cheek.

In the area located directly under the eyes and to the sides of the nostrils (between the cheekbone and the root of the upper teeth), press down firmly with the middle fingers and make circular movements 20-30 times.

Give the massage a try. It doesn’t cost you anything and you will immediately experience the result and the relief.

Kidney Deficiency and Chronic Sinusitis

The Kidney energetic organ system controls water metabolism and the five kinds of fluids according to traditional Chinese medicine. Kidney Deficiency is common for those who have allergies and environmental sensitivities.
 Please include the following kidney Qigong in your daily routine.

Acupressure and Essential Oils for Sinus Headaches and Sinusitis

As pressure from sinus congestion builds, sinus headaches can occur. For immediate relief of sinus headache pain many pure essential oils are effective at opening the sinuses and reducing the pressure; applying them over the sinuses and at the temples can give immediate pain relief; they must be diluted so not to burn the skin. Typical essentials oils for a sinus headache include diluted eucalyptus, peppermint, wintergreen, and lavender. Acupressure is also effective at reducing the sinus pressure involved with sinus headaches. An acupressure point which is highly effective and is used widely for nose congestion is Bitong, meaning "opening up the nose." Those with sinus problems can massage this point regularly. The Bitong acupressure points are next to the bridge of your nose. 
Briskly rub your hands together to warm them and charge them with energy. Close your eyes and use the tip of your middle fingers to rub up and down between the area next to your nostrils and the corner of your eyes. Focus on the area you're rubbing. Don't worry about finding the exact acupressure points - simply rubbing along the full length of the edge of your nose will cover the right area.

Standard Process Congaplex is my supplement of choice whenever I feel a virus coming on. Its a mix of carrots, alfalfa, mushrooms, echinacea, and calcium lactate to provide the nutrients bodies need during inflammatory states. 

But the kicker is the addition of animal glandulars such as thymus (the home of white blood cells) to help kick start our own white blood cell production. BOOM!

Astragalus is a great Lung Qi tonic and you should definitely give it a try. Regular use of Ginseng can help protect the spleen and lungs.

Deep breathing can help release sinus pressure and it aids the oxygenation of every cell.

The Chinese believe that sinusitis is always related to “stuck” chi in either the Liver, Lungs, or Kidneys. These questions will help you “talk” to your illness and discover where your energy is blocked or deficient.
If you are a Wood (Liver) type, you will need to look at your ability to express anger:
  • Who is the object of my anger?
  • How can I effectively express my anger?
  • Where do I typically store my anger?
If you are a Metal (Lung) type, excess or stored-up grief may be affecting your ability to resist disease.  Ask yourself:
  • How do I prevent myself from feeling grief?
  • What do I need to let go of? Why am I holding on?
  • Where do I tend to store my grief?
If you are a Water (Kidneys) type, fear often obstructs your energy. Ask yourself:
  • How does my fear create blockages that prevent me from attaining my goals in life?
  • Where do I tend to store my fear?
  • How do I allow fear to rule my life?
  • What exactly do I fear and why?
Fire and Earth types also suffer from periodic sinus infections. Fire types are prone to overexcitement and agitation, while Earth types are often adversely affected by excessive worrying. Ask yourself these questions:
  • Why do I feel stuffed up emotionally?
  • What can I do to “decongest” my life and give myself more time and space to pursue my goals and passions?
  • Am I overreacting in any way? What can I do to calm myself down?


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