Thursday, November 20, 2014

Energy (Qi) Cultivation Method to clear blockages

As we practice this Energy (Qi) Cultivation Method, we will clear the blockages in our personal energy field and we will open ourselves to the unlimited flow of energy which is always moving through the Universe. 

This practice of Qigong Cultivation Method helps us liberate our energy reserves and open up blockages that have negatively impacted our health, our mindset, and our interpersonal relationships for a long time.

This method is similar to Microcosmic Orbit. Please read about Microcosmic Orbit for more details. From Wikipedia - Microcosmic orbit or Micro Cosmic Orbit : Mantak Chia on YouTube

If you practice this at midnight, even a few min will generate substantial amount of Qi in your whole body.

Please practice this as often as you can.

Stir your tongue in the mouth

Touch your palate with your tongue

Wait for the saliva to be produced

Gargle with the saliva in the mouth

Gulp the saliva down with a gurgling sound, meanwhile quickly draw in a breath of fresh air through your nose

Mentally direct (envision) the fresh air accompanying the saliva (regarded as an energy flow) to flow down to “Dantian”(the point 2″ below the navel inside the underbelly, hold on for a little while.

Now slightly contract up your anus, mentally direct the energy flow to go backwards to “Weilu” (under coccyx)

Then to flow upwards through “Jiaji”((Clipping Spine): bilateral sides of mingmen) and “Yuzhen” ((Jade Occiput): base of occipital bone where brain starts)

And finally to arrive at “Niwan” ( (Mud Ball)/Baihui (Hundred Meetings): top of the head). 

Now this is a completed circle. So go round (direct the flow down to “Dantian”) and begin again.

Make sure you finish by collecting energy in “Dantian” and massage your stomach - 36 clock wise ans 24 times counter clock wise.

It's very important to bring the energy back to “Dantian” at the end. Please conclude with Shaking the Body exercise.

Frequently doing this exercise will make you healthy, strong and energetic. And you will have a sensation of the energy flow flowing in your body.

-Translated by W. Zhiliang from some Chinese Traditional Medicine books published in the Qing Dynasty.

If you have time, please do some Qigong Massage or any of the routines below.


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