Saturday, May 25, 2013

Heal your liver and release the anger.

The "Healing Sounds" practice is one of the most well-known of the thousands of forms of Taoist Qigong. We use this Qigong practice to transform "stuck" emotional energy into nourishment for the "virtues" of the five organ-system described by Chinese Medicine. In this simplified version of the practice, we transform the stuck energy of anger, frustration or jealousy, located in the liver organ-system, into the liver's virtue of loving-kindness.

Here is How:

Find a quiet place to practice. Sit upright on the front edge of a straight-backed chair, with your feet flat on the floor, directly beneath your knees.

It's also fine to sit in a cross-legged position on a cushion of the floor, if this is comfortable for you.

Take a couple of deep, slow breaths. As you exhale, smile gently, which will help to release any unnecessary tension in your face, jaw, neck or shoulders. Feel your energy settling into your lower abdomen - the lower Dantian

Bring your focus - your conscious attention - to your liver: nestled beneath your lower right rib cage. Smile gently to your liver, as if saying "hello" to it.

Take a deep, smooth, soft inhalation, and as you exhale, make the healing sound Shshsh - like a mother comforting, "hushing" and gently embracing a child who's having a temper tantrum. Direct the vibration of this sound into your liver, and feel that it is helping the "stuck" emotional energy of anger/frustration to become "unstuck," i.e. to flow again as simply energy, without a specific name or shape.
Make the Shshsh sound, with your focus in your liver, at least three times - though it's fine to repeat as many times as you'd like. This is the first part of the practice: using sound to release anger-energy.

In the second part of the practice, we're going to use the vibration of light to nourish the liver's virtue of loving-kindness. 
Here's how: First, close your eyes gently. Then exhale completely, and with your inhalation, imagine that you're drawing into your liver a beautiful emerald-green light.

"Breathe" this emerald-green healing light in through your nostrils, and mentally direct it to your liver. Alternatively, you can "breathe" this healing light in through every cell of your skin, directing it to your liver.
Feel your liver opening to receive the gift of this beautiful healing light - as though it were drinking a wonderful nectar, a powerful elixir. See your liver beginning to pulse and glow - to vibrate with this beautiful emerald-green energy, as if it were actually made of emerald-green light.

With each inhalation, draw into your liver this beautiful emerald-green light. With each exhalation, simply notice the liver's "virtue" of loving-kindness. This is a quality that already exist within you. We're simply using a particular frequency of light to nourish it, to invite it to reveal its full splendor to us.
Draw the healing light into your liver for five or six breaths, at least - though you can continue for as long as you like.

Remember that in Taoist qigong practice the emotions are understood as simply forms of stuck energy: kind of like legos, that have been "shaped" in a particular way. We use the healing sounds to break up a particular emotion/shape, so that the energy bound in that shape can once again flow freely.
We're not "getting rid of" an emotion. Instead, it's more like composting: using the energy of the emotion (in this case anger/frustration) to "feed" the virtue (in this case, loving-kindness).
If your mind ever wanders during this practice, it’s not a problem. Simply notice that this has happened, and bring yourself back to the practice.

There are numerous variations of this practice, some using different sounds.

Find one that works best for you and keep practicing for amazing results!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Unbelievable exercise to make you Stress Free in less than 5 minutes.

Find somewhere quiet and comfortable.

Now, close your eyes, and allow your breathing to slow and deepen for a couple of minutes.

Then make a picture in your mind of a hamster running around inside a metal wheel in its

Just like your racing thoughts, the hamster can't stop running on the spot.

Watch him for awhile and note how all this frantic running gets him nowhere.

Notice that you can't even see the rungs of his wheel because he is running so quickly.

Then visualize the wheel slowing to a walking pace.

Slower and slower the hamster walks until the wheel stops turning round...

You can see each rung of the wheel in detail now.

The hamster is still inside his wheel, but he has turned over onto his back, closed his eyes, and is using the wheel as a hammockrocking gently backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards.

Each time an outside thought intrudes into your head, bring your attention back to the gentle rocking of the wheel, backwards and forwards.

After a while, the rocking stops and the hamster is asleep...

And you are relaxed and stress-free! 
Please try it. You will immediately experience happiness and peace!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Yoga, Qigong and 8 more Great Tips to help you Sleep

 SLEEP - What it is; How do we get it?! 

All of us know what sleep is and we know how it feels; however, while much progress has been made by sleep scientists, the essential nature of sleep still remains unknown.

Approximately 60 million Americans suffer each year from some form of sleep deprivation. While research continues, sleep still remains one of the body's most mysterious processes. We do know that sleep is absolutely necessary for survival. The lack of sleep for millions of people worldwide is not only a major medical concern, but a major big business. Even occasional sleeping problems can make daily life feel more stressful or cause you to be less productive. Sleep loss affects growth hormone secretion that is linked to obesity and impairs the body's ability to use insulin, which can lead to the onset of diabetes

To help achieve a good night's sleep the more natural way, numerous tips have been cited in almost every form of advertisement available. Although you have probably tried many of them, one of the following tips might just be the one that will help you get a healthier, more natural night's rest. 

Harvard Medical School conducted a study in which they taught 20 people Yoga Breathing techniques.
At the end of the study, researchers found that participants had significantly improved sleep efficiency, total sleep time, total wake time, sleep onset, and wake time after sleep onset.

The solutions below are intended for the average adult, but not necessarily for children or persons experiencing medical problems.
Imaging - think of a hammock - you're up off the ground, wrapped in a cocoon of comfort, swaying gently in the open air. The sun is warm on your face and there's a breeze blowing you back and forth. This visualization helps you "see" what sleep's reward will be, getting you more in the mood to sleep. Visualization has proved helpful in developing the appropriate brain wave patterns for sleep.

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Magnesium - has a calming effect on the nervous system. It is part of bones and cells, especially the smooth cells of arteries, and assists in the absorption of calcium and potassium. Over 300 enzymes need magnesium to function properly. When combined with B6, it helps to reduce & dissolve calcium phosphate stones. It is so important, that the brain stores a "safety supply" to have in the event of a drop in the magnesium reserves. We like the powdered effervescent magnesium found at most health food stores, called CALM.
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Upside-Down Relaxation Yoga Pose - Forget counting sheep. This pose will relax your body and mind, and the best part is that you can do it in bed! Ease your way into dreamland with Legs Up the Wall Pose

Nutmeg - grind fresh nutmeg and serve it with warm, organic, preferably raw or unpasteurized milk and honey. Milk is naturally high in calcium and rich in tryptophan; together they can be a powerful tranquilizer. 

Hot foot baths - in the East, a hot foot bath is a traditional remedy; it draws blood from the brain to calm a racing mind. Try soaking your feet in a hot foot bath with a cupful of Epsom salts and a few drops of lavender essential oil, which will soothe you. Your feet absorb the magnesium from the Epsom salts and relax you further

Toe wiggling - lie on your back and wiggle your toes up and down 12 times; do both feet at the same time. Your entire body relaxes. According to the science of Reflexology, your feet are a kind of master control panel for the rest of your body. "Meridians" in the body - those channels of energy treated by acupuncture - end up in the feet. So, the end of those meridians in your feet connect with every organ and every part of your entire body. 

Listening to an audio book - the brain works like a tape player - with one main auditory loop that processes words. If you fill that loop with an interesting book, there's no room for your own worrisome internal narrative. Especially helpful for those who have continuous thoughts running through their heads. (In my own experience I discovered that if the book is very good, you might get the opposite effect)

Qigong for Sleep

"Lifting the Sky" - Helps to relax and sleep
Chinese Qigong to Promote Sleep

Qigong for Insomnia

1. Sit on the edge of the bed, rub your hands together briskly to warm them, close your eyes, then place your hands over your back at waist level. Focus on the kidneys, massaging in a circular motion, going up on the outside, in towards the spine, down, and around to your sides. Massage both kidneys simultaneously, 24 times. Then change direction and massage the kidneys 24 times, circling in the other direction.

2. Keep your hands over your back at waist level, covering the kidneys. As you inhale lift the hands away slightly from the back and imagine divine healing light coming down from the heavens and filling the kidneys completely. As you exhale and press your hands gently over the kidney area, imagine the kidneys absorbing the light. Do 36 breath cycles (one inhalation and exhalation is one cycle).

3. After completing 3 sets of the previous steps, place the right hand on the navel and the left hand on your back at the same height as the front hand. Focus on gathering chi into your lower dantien, which is in the belly area. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the lower dantien is considered to be an energy storage centre of the body.


4. Next, women place the left foot on the right knee and the left hand on the belly area. Men place the right foot on the left knee with the right hand on the belly area. With your other hand gently massage the Bubbling Well Point on the bottom of your foot 100 times clockwise and then 100 times counterclockwise.

5. Do this slowly. Allow the mind to connect the lower dantien in the belly to the bottom of the foot, and then to move energy from the lower dantien to the bottom of the foot.

Yoga for Bedtime
By Tara Stiles

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